Best UK Betting Apps In 2021 for Android & iOS

If you were ever thinking about starting to gamble online, you probably saw that the amount of bookies and providers of such services is almost endless. Because of this, choosing the right one to go with can be a very tough choice. After all, if everyone claims to be the best, how do you actually know which of them deserve the title and with which it is a slight (or big) exaggeration?

We understand the struggle, which is why we decided to combine all the best UK betting apps in one place so that if you encounter one that you’d like to try, you’ll be able to see if it’s actually worth it. Of course, which betting app will be the best for you will depend a lot on what kind of sports you want to bet on, but don’t worry – we took care of that too. So, let’s just get it started.

Here’s a list of all the apps included in this article:


bet365 Mobile Android App

If you are a fan of sports, you must have noticed that it is not uncommon to see bet365’s banners placed all over the stadium. That’s because bet365 is one of the biggest bookies not only in the United Kingdom but also worldwide. Because of this, it is only fitting that it occupies the number one spot on our list of the best betting apps in the UK.

Available for both Android and iOS, bet365 is a very easy app to use, even though it fits the bookie’s very wide range of betting markets from almost any sport that you can think of. What’s more, the app delivers over 140,000 live-streamed events to your mobile every year. That’s quite impressive and makes following the sporting events you have bet on a lot easier.

What earns this app its number one spot on the best sports betting apps lists time and time again is the bet builder feature. The feature allows punters to combine several single markets into one, often changing the odds. This is especially attractive to those who bet on sports events such as the Premier League.

Last but not least, the reason why why this app is an excellent choice are cash out options. The cash out feature minimizes your losses, as it allows you to cash your bet out before the event ends. This means that in case the match, race or any other live-streamed sports event ends in a different result than the one you were hoping for, you won’t lose as much as you would if that option wasn’t available.

There are two cash out options available on bet365: the auto cash out and the partial cash out. Auto cash out allows you to set a profit level – once the market you bet on reaches it, the app will automatically cash out your money. The partial cash out, on the other hand, allows you to choose an amount that you’d like to cash out and leaves the rest of your money playing.

The only thing that can be considered a disadvantage, although a lot depends on the perspective, is the fact that you never know how much the app will change once updated – it can be a very small change, like a different font, or it can be a massive change, like when they completely changed the layout. If it’s the second, you might need some time to get used to it, but as we said – it can either be a pro or a con, depending on how you look at it.

William Hill

William Hill App Icon

William Hill is another well-established bookmaker with almost a century’s worth of experience and betting shops spread throughout the country. And, if we’re honest, we can see why it has survived such a long time. Despite what some people think about William Hill being old fashioned due to its long history, it seems to be doing pretty good for itself. Truthfully, it adapted quite well to the new digitalized world.

The William Hill app is available for download for both Android and iOS users. Both are as pleasing to use as the regular betting site, so if you enjoy using it, you should have no problem adapting to the app.

When it comes to which sports William Hill is best to bet on, the answer is clear – football. And if you’re unsure, let us just tell you that William Hill is more often than not featured on the best football betting apps lists. And why wouldn’t they? The wide selection of football events and markets going well beyond the World Cup or Champions League definitely makes it an ideal app for football.

William Hill has a feature similar to bet365’s bet builder – however, here, it is called YourOdds – it is also more entertaining than bet365’s feature. If you want to bet on something that is not available in the app or on the betting site, or you want to combine a few different betting markets and make one individual bet, you can do it by sending your bet via Twitter @WilliamHill. If the bookmaker accepts your bet, they will reply with a price, as well as the link through which you can place that bet. You can find a selection of bets created that way on their website.

Another feature similar to that, although not available at all times, only during selected televised sporting events, is the Multi Match feature. Thanks to it, you can combine markets from different matches into one bet.

One of the disadvantages of this app, or William Hill in general, is that some pages have too much writing. However, it seems like it doesn’t discourage people from using it, so we would say that it is not that big of a deal.

Paddy Power

Download Paddy Power Android App

Paddy Power has been around for more than three decades, and besides the fact that it is doing pretty good for itself online, it also continues to be one of Ireland’s biggest land-based bookmakers, with over 600 physical stores.

Paddy Power is probably the top app when it comes to horse racing – it shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, as Paddy Power has a huge racing community. That’s also one of the reasons why it is one of the few bookmakers offering live streaming for all horse racing events in the UK and Ireland for free – the only thing you need to do is have a registered account and be logged in. While other bookies also offer live streaming services for those events, their requirements are usually slightly more strict. 

However, it doesn’t mean that it is the only sport available from this bookie – because it certainly is not. The app features the same selection of markets as the betting site, which means you can place wagers on all popular sports, from football to horse racing, tennis, and more. 

If you enjoy in-play betting, then this app is a good choice for you. Aside from the fact that there’s a wide selection of in-play betting opportunities, you can also see how your bet is coming along due to live streaming. The only thing you need to do to be able to watch a sports event live is meeting the minimum wager on it (aside from horse racing). 

Now, let’s talk a little about the bet builder feature. It is actually one of the newest additions to the Paddy Power betting app. It allows you to combine a few selections from the same game into one single bet and see the odds. They have quite a few betting markets available, which is why it might take you a while to find the one you want – however, that’s not really a disadvantage, is it? 

From time to time, Paddy Power also offers an ‘insurance’ on the bet builder feature. What does it mean exactly? Well, if, during the offer, you make a bet with more than four legs through the bet builder, and one of the legs fails to come in, Paddy Power will give you back your stakes (but only up to £10).

Finally, the Paddy Power betting app is integrated with its online casino, which means that you can bet on sports and play casino games all within the same app. 


Coral Android App Icon

Coral continues to be one of the most downloaded betting apps out there – and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be. Not only does it offer amazing odds to their customers, but it also provides them with a wide selection of sports, slots, casino card games, and roulette.  

Like Paddy Power, Coral also has an established position among traditional bookmakers and continues to maintain hundreds of physical locations throughout the UK so that those who are not that comfortable with online betting (for example, those from the older generations) can also engage in it.

Coral is without a doubt a great football betting app, with daily coupons bringing you odds on all the latest events, such as the Premier League, La Liga, and so on. Just like most big bookmakers, it also has a bet builder feature. However, one thing that differentiates their bet builder from others is that the cash out system is built into it – most bookmakers don’t have that. 

Just like Paddy Power, Coral also offers free live streaming on all the UK and Ireland horse racing events, which is an excellent opportunity to see how the horses perform and choose your favourite for the next race. The Coral app also provides its users with a schedule of when a specific sporting event will be streamed so that those who have some other responsibilities can organize their time accordingly (or know when to have their phone on them).

Now, what we really need to talk about is the Coral Football Jackpot. While there aren’t that many offers that actually stand out among all the betting sites, this one definitely does. Run since the start of the 2013/2014 football season, it has already attracted thousands of the sport’s enthusiasts. How does it work? Well, let us tell you. The Coral Football Jackpot is a weekly prediction game. In order to win, you need to predict the outcome of fifteen previously selected events correctly – you don’t have to pick exact scores, only between home win, draw, or away win. If you do get them all right, you’ll be at least £100,000 richer. If no one wins during one week, the top prize for the following week increases until someone finally wins it. It doesn’t matter if you are a new customer or if you’ve been using Coral for ages – the game is available to everyone. 

Here is a slightly more detailed division of prizes to get you even more excited: 


Betfair App Icon

Betfair has been on the market for over 20 years and has gathered millions of loyal users, as it provided them with an alternative to regular sportsbook betting, so of course, we couldn’t not include it in our list, not to mention that they were the ones who invented the cash out option, which was life-changing for the sports betting industry.

Not surprisingly, the Betfair mobile app has a wide selection of betting markets available, with most sports you can think of. However, two of the sports that need special mention here are football and horse racing.

When it comes to football, Betfair has almost every league imaginable in their offer, many of which are transmitted live, and include the in-play betting options. If you engage in sports betting during the weekend, you might also be able to enjoy some enhanced odds. Now, for horse racing – just like football events, you can watch them live after placing a bet of at least 50p. What’s more, there’s also a lot of ante-post betting offers. To put it simply, ante-post betting involves placing long-term bets, where you predict the outcome of an event, for example, the final winner of a Grand National.

One of the things that attract people the most to the Betfair betting app is the use of the exchange. What is it exactly? Well, it’s a betting market on which the bettors can decide to either lay, which means to bet on something that is not going to happen, or bet normally (on things that are going to happen). Let us give you an example.

Let’s say that Juventus is playing a match against AS Roma. If you lay Juventus, it means that you bet on them not winning the match – you win the bet when the team has either lost or drew their match.

Contrary to some of the best betting apps we have already mentioned, Betfair does not have the bet builder feature. However, it does have Acca Edge, which works similarly to the insurance offered by Paddy Power. The insurance applies to accumulators consisting of three or more legs – it doesn’t matter which sport or market is involved. If one of the results ends up being different than what you were hoping for, Betfair will offer you back cash, but with a slight reduction in odds, which is calculated in a way that shows the true price of a bet if one of the outcomes wasn’t a winning one.


Ladbrokes is another very well-known bookmaker in the UK with over a hundred years of experience in sports betting. Established in 1886, the bookie used to provide the services to elite clients who wanted to place a bet during horse racing events in London. A century later, and while the bookie went through massive changes when it comes to what it offers, it continues to be one of the best bookmakers in the country.

This is especially true when it comes to the mobile app – Ladbrokes understood the assignment when it came to creating a betting app that would be easy to use but at the same time also very efficient for those who are looking for a wide range of sports to bet on. What sets this bookmaker apart from most is that among their wide selection of sports that you can bet on, you can also find esports.

One of the things that football lovers would probably appreciate when it comes to the app’s features is ‘My Accas’ – this allows them to track their football accumulators in real-time. If something happens during their inactivity on the app, they will receive push notifications to make sure that they won’t miss out. 

Again, Ladbrokes does have a bet builder feature, primarily focused on football, that allows the bettors to combine different selections. The rules are the same as with most bet builders – the bettor chooses their selections, which causes the odds to change to reflect the prize of all the bets combined. If they are satisfied with the price, they can click the ‘place a bet’ button that will take them to the next step, which is setting a stake.


888 Sports Android App Logo

The last on our list is 888sport – a multinational online sports gambling company that is located in Gibraltar. Since being founded in 2008, it has gained a wide community of users, mostly located in European countries, including the United Kingdom. This is where they mostly put their focus on, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we needed to include it in this article. 

There’s not much left to say about this app, as it contains almost all the features that we have already talked about above. The 888sport app is very similar to their desktop site – they have the same selection of sports, the same payment methods available, the same promotions and so on. Aside from the biggest events that all the most significant bookmakers cover, such as Champions League, Premier League, Euro, La Liga, and more, 888sport also covers second and third divisions from many countries, which some bookies might not provide. 

Like the apps we mentioned above, it has a wide range of live betting markets available, as well as plenty of live-streamed events. It is also possible to cash out your bets before an event ends so that in case the outcome of a match is not what you wanted it to be, you won’t lose all the money you wagered.

One feature that deserves to be recognized is the Up for 8 game, which is similar to the Football Jackpot provided by Coral. It allows the bettors to win up to £8,000 for correctly predicting the outcome of eight previously selected events (win, draw, win). If more than one person wins, then the prize is divided between all the winners. What’s more, if you predict at least one outcome, you will receive a £1 free bet for each of the correct picks. While for some, it might not seem like much, we think that it’s still a pretty good deal considering that the game is free to play.

Best Betting Apps For Specific Sports

As we already mentioned, when it comes to choosing the best betting app, a lot depends on what type of sport you’d like to bet on. So, here’s a list of specific sports and which apps will work the best:

What Makes a Great Betting App?

After looking at our list, you might be wondering – How do you know that an app can be considered good? Well, there are a few key features that make a great betting app, so let’s go through them real quick:

Betting Apps – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between a mobile site and a mobile betting app?

The main difference between the two is how you use them, as you have to install the betting app, while you only need a browser such as Google Chrome or Opera to use the betting site. Also, mobile betting apps usually have a better-optimized interface.

However, there is no difference between the mobile betting app and the mobile site in terms of features.

Is using betting apps legal?

Honestly, we cannot answer this question with a simple yes or no, as a lot depends on where you live, as well as where the provider of the online gambling service is based. Each country has its own laws when it comes to betting and using online betting services.

What we can tell you, though, is that if there are some laws when it comes to online betting in your country, they are most likely aimed at those who provide it and not those who use it. What’s more, it is very uncommon for a country to have a law that would make placing an online bet illegal. And last but not least, trustworthy online betting providers are more often than not based in locations where online betting is completely legal.

Is using betting apps safe?

For the most part, yes – as long as you are using legitimate betting sites and betting apps, such as the ones we mentioned above, you won’t have to worry about security and privacy. They use advanced security measures to make sure that your personal data, as well as your money are safe.

How can you know if an app is safe? Well, one of the easiest ways of doing it is by looking at whether the bookie responsible for it is licensed, and if yes, check whether the provider of a license is reliable. For instance, bookmakers licensed by the UK gambling commission are safe to play.

How old do I have to be to use betting apps?

This is another question for which the answer depends on the country you live in. However, typically you have to be either 18 or 21. Something we wouldn’t recommend doing is lying about your age, as sooner or later it will come to light, and then you will most likely lose all the money you deposited or won.

Will the apps for iOs and Android be different?

Not really. While some bookmakers do decide to slightly change the aesthetic on different operating systems to make the betting apps more attractive to the users, most functions, as well as the betting markets available, stay the same.

Can I download mobile betting apps from Google Play?

While you can use betting apps on an Android device, you cannot download them from the Google Play store – in fact, the policy of this app store has prohibited that a few years ago.

Can I download betting apps from the App Store?

It depends on the country. For instance, if you are based in the US, you won’t be able to download betting apps from the App Store. However, if you are located in Europe, you should be able to do so without any trouble, no matter what country you’re from.

Are betting apps free to download?

Yes, in most cases, you can download the app for free – the only costs involved are those of a deposit you make after downloading the mobile app. However, if you decide just to add a minimum deposit to your account, it shouldn’t be more than a couple of pounds. 

How much should I bet?

There’s no straightforward answer to this question, as a lot depends on a person. The one thing you should keep in mind, though, is creating a bankroll management plan so that you are in control of how much you spend – because, let’s be honest, it’s easy to get lost in the excitement of the app for betting.

Is there a minimum and maximum deposit? How much is it?

Yes, there is an established minimum and maximum amount that you can deposit onto your account – however, that depends mainly on the betting app you are using, as all of them have their own requirements.

Does it mean that you can’t deposit more than the maximum amount? Not really – in most cases, you just need to contact the platform’s customer support, and they will most likely be able to help you deposit more.

Do I need to be a sport betting expert to bet on sports?

Of course not! Anyone can enjoy a bit of sport betting here and there, even if they don’t have any experience in it. However, if you are a complete beginner we would recommend starting by placing smaller bets and making your way up slowly once you get the hang of things.

The Bottom Line 

So there you have it – the best betting apps UK. While there are other apps that might be considered as good, we decided to leave them out to focus on the top betting apps. 

Choosing the best betting app in the UK is not an easy choice, which is why we are leaving it up to you – especially since for every person, it might be different. After all, as we already mentioned, a lot depends on what kind of sports you’d like to bet on, what kind of aesthetic you prefer (something simple, or maybe something more elaborate), and so on. So, the only thing left to do to find the best mobile app is to try them out for yourself. Good luck and have fun!