Lockdown Trend Tournament


We’ve given the year of the pandemic a Sports twist, with our ‘Lockdown Trend’ Bracket, revealing the most popular of all.

As we start to see an end to lockdown in sight, we’ve gone ahead and taken a look at all the things that have kept us going during the ‘year of the pandemic’ and held our very own ‘Lockdown Trend’ Tournament – just for kicks!

By taking the most popular trends, we thought we’d put a sporting spin on our hunt to declare the ‘Lockdown Tournament Champion’ – enter the trusty sports bracket.

Taking average search volumes and data from our UK-specific survey, we have narrowed the list of lockdown trends down to the 32 most searched for. These trends span 8 categories – Food & Drink, Fitness, Technology, Home Improvement, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Stockpiling. Group stage play-offs were then randomly allocated as per the usual sporting format.

Lockdown Trends Tournament Bracket


With our point system in place and group stage play-offs allocated, our contenders head into the tournament and following gripping group and knockout stages, quarter and semi finals, the final of our ‘Lockdown Trend’ Tournament saw cosy ‘Loungewear’ and home-based ‘DIY’ projects come head to head to claim victory for ‘Most Popular’. After a spirited final, Loungewear has won it!

Placing in 2nd, DIY was revealed to have the highest average UK searches (2020) for the ‘Home Improvement’ category and the 4th highest for among all 8 categories. Over one third of Brits (34%), have revealed that they have undertaken at least one home DIY project in the last year.

Taking 3rd place, catching up with loved ones via Zoom calls might have been a largely popular option at first but the novelty slowly wore off with over half of the nation (53%) taking part in zoom calls but average searches not picking up throughout the year.

Top 3 Lockdown Trends

Most Searched For

Looking specifically at ‘most searched for’, Banana Bread, Normal People and Tiger King secure the overall top 3 among all categories. Below we have revealed the most searched for trends per category including ‘Lingerie’, ‘Yoga’ and ‘Toilet Roll’.

Most Searched For Trends


The ‘Food & Drink’ category crowns ‘Takeaways’ as it’s winner, with people seeking the delicious eats they’d usually get from visiting their favourite restaurants. Wine secures runner-up spot, with almost a ⅓ of Britons admitting to treating themselves to a glass of ‘vino’ more often during lockdown. Banana bread takes third and Dalgona Coffee surprisingly comes bottom; seems the fuss of making the ‘instagrammable’ drink, might seem too much effort to the average Brit when it comes to a coffee fix.

Top Food & Drink Trends


Zoom calls have been the nation’s top chosen method of catching up with loved ones with 1 in 2 Brits having zoom calls throughout the pandemic. Zoom calls were 5 times more popular than TiKTok challenges and twice more popular than online quizzes. When it came to the clash of the social media titans, Instagram’s ‘Lives’ seem to have fallen short when compared to rival TikTok’s video challenges.

Tech Trends


When it came to keeping fit, the majority of Brits surveyed (30%) seem to have favoured going for a run, above other contenders Yoga, Spinning and online workouts. At home Spinning, ranks last, perhaps unsurprisingly though as a spin bike will set you back at least £200.

Fitness Trends


The one most of us will be able to relate to, will be our ‘second skin’ throughout the pandemic – ‘Loungewear’. 40% of Brits invested in buying new loungewear, whilst results reveal the UK’s lacklustre for saucier get-ups, as only 8% of Brits have bothered buying new lingerie in the last year. Interestingly, men seem to have been buying more lingerie than women.

Apparel Trends


Being at home all the time will have bought us all to wonder, do we really like that tone of Green on the sitting room wall? Or “I can just make my own vase!”. This is definitely proven to be true with DIY and Painting being revealed as the top most popular home improvement trends throughout lockdown.

Home Improvement Trends


Living in an increasingly tech-dependent world seems to have made Brits yearn for a little dose of old school entertainment as the majority of those polled admitted to taking up puzzles most of all to help them beat the boredom of being stuck indoors.

Entertainment Trends


When it comes to the nation’s lifestyle choices over the past year, this aspect of people’s lives is arguably the most changed of all. Not only has our health required extra attention but we’ve also looked for escapism and company in forms such as fictional stories, four-legged friends and socially distanced meet-ups. Nothing seems to beat a good natter with friends though, as Socially Distanced Walks tops the ‘Lifestyle’ category.

Lifestyle Trends


Betting Apps have analysed average search volumes (for period of Jan 2020-Dec 2020) for over 50 of the most talked about lockdown trends, spanning 8 categories – Food & Drink, Fitness, Technology, Home Improvement, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Stockpiling. These have then been narrowed down to the 32 most searched for trends (keywords) and group stage play-offs were randomly allocated as per the usual sporting format.

To add further layer and accuracy to the pointing system, Betting Apps conducted a survey of 2,000 people across the UK (Feb 2021), posing multiple choice questions for each category, asking respondents to select all which were relevant to them.