Best Horse Racing Betting Sites In 2021

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Horse racing betting can often be a complex task as it is completely different from betting on other sports. Are you among those people who have no idea what horse racing and horse racing betting entails? Then read carefully through this guide of tips to broaden your knowledge about the different types of horse racing, how to bet on horse racing, and so much more.

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites In 2021

Paddy Power App

Paddy Power is an Irish horse racing betting site that provides betting online and in live venues. Here you will find a strong focus on horse racing festivals, so if that’s your thing, you should check this app out.

Paddy Power provides the best horse racing odds on all horse racing events happening around. Bonuses? Sure they do! Paddy Power horse racing betting site offers bonuses to newcomers and experienced betters who regularly use their app for tracking races and betting on their favourite horses.

Paddy Power also has enhanced odds and fixed-odds depending on the types of horse race betting. Therefore this horse racing betting site is definitely worth checking out.

bet365 App

Bet365 is known as an app that offers various sports betting opportunities, not only horse racing. So, everyone can find their favourite thing for betting. In the UK, Bet365 prides itself on the best odds for horse racing betting.

Their unique Bet Builder feature makes betting even more fun. You can mix any bets you want on the app and combine winnings.

Additionally, this horse racing betting site offers great welcome bonuses followed by many extra bets that they grant for big sporting events. When you attend big horse racing festivals, follow their app closely as they have many special offers and one-time promotions you cannot find elsewhere.

Ladbrokes App

Another excellent live bookmaker app is the Ladbrokes. Like Bet365 and numerous other popular horse racing betting sites, offers to bet on various sporting events, and horse racing is high up on the list.

This horse racing betting site has races to bet on from the UK, USA, and other places worldwide. They offer the best horse racing odds guaranteed. Ladbrokes also provides live streams of numerous popular events and offers to bet with bonuses for new app users. Namely, you can claim a matched bet bonus depending on the race and your bet, and you can use this offer on all popular horse racing events on the app.

The Ladbrokes also have free bets, a welcome bonus and many other features for the new customer.

William Hill App

The William Hill betting app is among the top online horse racing betting sites that offer various sports and live events. Their horse racing betting offers are extensive, and they have the best odds guaranteed.

By using their app, you can get an array of valuable promotions, free spins, and racing events and offers that are not available elsewhere on the site.

bwin App

Bwin is a significant name when it comes to sports betting of all kinds. They offer all major racing events where you can easily place your bets on and have a live overview at all times.

By using their app, you never run out of extra bets and at that, they offer plenty of interesting promotions you don’t see anywhere else.

Betfred App

This UK-friendly horse racing betting app is available for use on all devices and will give you a top-notch betting experience in the world of races. They have been around for many years now and are definitely an experienced sports betting provider worth checking.

They have many unique bets and enhanced access to special events that give you a headstart into betting and winning big. It is worth checking their app when the big horse racing events are happening to get excellent odds and chances of winning.

What Is Horse Racing?

The sport of horse racing, sometimes called just racing, is practised in hundreds of countries worldwide. In horse racing, a certain number of horses always compete against each other in a race. Jockeys ride the horses on grass or sand-covered oval track with the goal of crossing the line first.

When horses are running (galloping), they reach speeds of 40-50 km/h on average. The fastest measured official speed of a horse was just over 70 km/h.

Types of Horse Races

Horse races are run in two different forms, with or without obstacles. The distances of races vary from course to course, and the races without obstacles are usually 1200, 1600 or 2400 meters. The speed is usually lower in the races with obstacles, and a longer distance is ridden, usually between 2800 and 4500 meters. Before the race starts, the jockeys and their horses are placed at the starting gates, and when they are opened, the race starts.

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How to Bet on Horse Racing

The simplest bet when betting on horse races is the profit bet. In this, as the name suggests, you bet on the winner of the race. You can bet on as many horses as you like to increase your odds, but definitely don’t forget to look at the statistics of the different horses. Some horses are stronger in certain races, and the level of form is always indicated by the horse itself. This gives you an indication of how well the horse performed in previous races.

When betting on horse races, you will notice that you can choose between the current quotation or SP. SP (starting price) means that you are betting that the horse will win, using the odds determined at the race’s start. If you expect a quotation to rise but a horse to win, it is interesting to bet on this.

When you bet on any horse racing site, you bet on a combination of horses and on which position the horses will finish. Usually, this is in the first and second place of the race. You can also bet on ‘random position’ if you are unsure which of the two horses will win.

If you expect more than one horse to qualify for the top two in a race, you can also select more than one horse at ‘random’. This way, you automatically place sports bets on any possible combination of horses. This type of betting can also often be found in live betting, and through any streaming service, you can watch the biggest horse races live.

Each Way Bets

If you bet on other sports more often, you may have come across the term before: the Each Way bet, often abbreviated as E/W. When you click on a horse’s rating, you’ll see in the betting coupon that you can select it for the type of race. With an Each Way bet, you bet on a horse both to win and to place. If a horse cannot win a race, you can still make a profit if it places. You can think of it as a kind of handicap bet in horse racing.

The rules for placing a horse depend on the number of horses in a race. The specific rules are also always indicated for each race in the Each Way terms.

In races with 2-4 horses, you can only bet on the winner of a race.

In races with 5-7 horses, you win with a quarter of the odds if your horse finishes in the top 2, indicated as 1/4 1-2. At 8-11 horses, you get 1/5 of the odds if your horse finishes in the top 3 (1/5 1-3)

In races with 12-15 horses, you get 1/4 of the listing if the horse finishes in the top 3. (1/4 1-2-3)

At 16 or more horses, you get 1/4th of the rating if the horse finishes in the top 4 (1/4 1-2-3-4)

It’s important to know that the processing you need to do when the listing is based on the fractional odds format. We’ll explain this with an exact example.

Suppose you see a horse that you expect might perform well, and the horse has a quote of 11 to win the race. If you still want to cover the risk, you can bet on the E/W, and for this race, it is set to 1/5 1-2-3. You choose a bet of 10 euros E/W, which means you bet 10 euros on the horse to win, and 10 euros on the horse to qualify, 20 euros in total.

The profit part is easy to calculate. If your horse wins, you get 10 euro x quotation 11.00, so for this, you get 110 euro. For the E/W portion, you need to divide the fractional quotation (10 to 1 or 10/1) by 5. The notation is then 2 to 1, which works out to a notation of 3.00. So if the horse manages to place, you win 30 euros.

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(Tattersalls) Rule 4

Most horse races take into account Rule 4, indicated by the text: Rule 4 may apply. Rule 4 means that if one or more horses in the race end up not participating, the odds on the race are changed.

Betting on horse racing is unique in so many ways, and just like the famous Rule 4, there is so much more to learn from the sport to become an expert. We hope this guide has already given you a great foundation and if you want to learn more about all the other different horse racing terms, read more below.

Betting on Horses: The Best Tips and Tricks

Do you like betting on horses, but do you always bet on the wrong stallion? With these handy tips for betting on horses, you can significantly improve your chances of winning and bet like a true professional.

Suppose you have started betting on horse racing. You have studied the different bookmakers, the terminology of horse racing, and you know all the types of bets by heart. Yet you hardly manage to choose the right horse.

In that case, this article is for you. With these tips, you will have a much better understanding of which horse to bet on.

Musical Tips for Betting on Horses

The French talk about la musique du cheval, or literally translated: the music of a horse. Does it mean that musical horses run better? Not really. The term music here refers to the code that represents a horse’s past performance. This horse betting tip will certainly be music to your ears.

Bookmakers use a fixed notation to record a horse’s past performance. This may vary slightly from one operator to another, but the principle is generally the same. Take a look at the example below.

At the performance, we see a long and strange code. That is the music. This code shows you how the horse has performed during past races. Depending on the bookmaker, this is called ‘the performance’ or ‘the form’.

We distinguish between numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. They indicate the place, fault and discipline of the past races, respectively. The year is also indicated.

Place (number): 0 = not classified, 1 = winner, 2 = second, 3 = third and so on to 9 which signifies the nineth place.

Error (capital letter): A = stopped, D = disqualified, T = Fallen, R = Demoted

Discipline (lower case): p = jumping, a = trot tense, m = trot with rider in saddle, c = cross, h = obstacle race, s = steeplechase

Let’s take a look at the performance based on the above explanation of numbers. We see the results of the races the horse has ridden in the past five years.


These are the results that Range of Knowledge achieved in 2016. He specializes in jumping and hasn’t performed too badly this year.


The number ’15’ indicates the year in which the races were run. So these are the results for the year 2015.

Yet another pro ‘betting on horses tip’. You can tell by the performance what the horse specializes in. Range of Knowledge is a jumping horse. Should you see it suddenly at the start of a steeplechase, you know that the horse is not there to win. So you should not bet on it.

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Are Horses Faster Without Horseshoes?

Some jockeys make their horses run without horseshoes during races. Pay close attention to when the riders do this. After all, some horses run barefoot faster.

Horses are supposed to run with hooves only, right? Well, not necessarily. Horses need hooves to walk on the hard ground we have laid out. But a horse is, by nature, a step animal that walks without hooves.

So it stands to reason that horses over grass walk better without horseshoes. Their feet are made for it. In addition, horses that run with horseshoes for long periods of time become slow.

Betting on the Stable

Another tip is to bet on horses from the same stable. Suppose horse x and y are from the same owner and both run in the same race. You place a single bet on horse x. Horse y, however, runs with the profit. Then you can still pocket your winnings because these two horses form a ‘stable’.

Two horses form a stable when they belong to the same owner and appear together at the start of a race. So if you bet single winnings on one of those two horses, you can get your money’s worth.

Let’s say some two horses have a letter A after their names. This letter indicates that they form a stable together. You can place a single bet on any of the two. When one of the two wins, you win your bet too.

It’s a simple way to spread your risk slightly during a bet.

Speed of the Horse

As with sprinters, it’s also important to keep an eye on which horse is usually the fastest in horse racing. Some horses score better than others. Hence, there are always horses that are the most popular to bet on.

Of course, there are horses that are not very well known for their speed but nevertheless show an unexpected speed at a certain race. So it can also pay off not to bet on the favourite.

External Circumstances

The last tip that is very important when betting on horses is the external circumstances, such as the condition of the tracks and the weather. Some horses are very stubborn and refuse to run on certain tracks or under certain weather conditions. So before you bet, it is also best to pay close attention to the conditions of the tracks and the weather. It is important to know in advance which horses perform well or not well in certain conditions.

In addition, it is best to take into account the history of the horse in general. Has the horse you want to bet on ever won a race before? If the answer is no, you’d better remain cautious with your bet. The previous results of a particular horse can be found in the statistics of the various bookmakers. So always be prepared if you want to bet on horses because many factors can play a role.

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Thoroughbred Horse Racing

Horse racing is the sport of kings! But not all breeds are created equal.

Thoroughbred horse racing is the most popular form of horse racing around the world. It is so popular that some people do not know any other form of horse racing. Thoroughbred horse racing is also called the “sport of kings” by some people.

Usually, a thoroughbred horse owner would hire a trainer to condition the horse for only one type of race. This is because a good trainer knows the best training regime for each type of race. The owner may also choose to run the horse in races that are somewhat similar to what it is being trained for.

Thoroughbred horse races come in a variety of forms. Here are a few:

  1. Maiden races – this type of thoroughbred horse racing pits untested horses against each other. This event is the debut of all racehorses. Some people find this type of thoroughbred horse racing more exciting because all the horses involved are untested. The first race often determines the entire career of a racehorse. This event will show the world what a racehorse is capable of. Often thoroughbreds of different ages participate in maiden races. In this type of thoroughbred horse racing, the horses carry similar weights to equalize the odds.
  2. Allowance racing – this type of thoroughbred horse racing involves horses that have already participated in a first race but are not yet ready for the Grand Stakes Race. Usually, in this type of thoroughbred horse racing, you have to run for a purse just slightly above the purse of the first races. Some horse owners use these races actually to train their horses.
  3. Grand stakes racing – this type of thoroughbred horse racing is the most popular with people because there is often a lot of money involved. People who go to these types of thoroughbred horse races do so to bet their money on their favourite horse. The “big bets” in this race refer not only to the money involved but also to the reputation of the horse. A winner of a Grand Stakes race usually becomes a celebrity among horses.
  4. Handicap racing – this type of thoroughbred horse racing is, theoretically, the most evenly matched of all races. This is because all horses participating in such an event are handicapped in accordance with their performance in other races. More people bet on this type of thoroughbred horse racing because all odds are even. Theoretically, any horse can win in a handicap race.

The dreams of countless people are also at stake in this type of thoroughbred horse racing. This is because betting in these types of thoroughbred horse races can cost a lot. People pin their hopes and dreams on one horse. This is the reason why these thoroughbred horse races still need to be supported by people all over the world today. Although thoroughbred horse racing is gaining popularity because of the money, there are those who see it as a test of the mind. Some horses have the potential to be the best. However, if that horse did not have the will to win, then the potential would be forever lost. Thoroughbred horse racing is not just a game, but it is a reflection of life as well.

Bonus Tip for Successful Horse Racing Betting

Try starting with a particular trainer and follow his riding horses for a year, either over the jumps or on the flat, you will soon see a pattern emerge, and certain horses win on certain courses. Still, it is a slow and sometimes expensive process, and few professional bettors can boast of their systems.

Work Out Your Own Systems

The basic rule is small stakes and the possibility of big returns. One possibility is the following of a simple system.

  1. Find a horse placed in the top 3 official ratings (OR) for each horse in the race (Note: some races have horses without an OR rating, sometimes because they haven’t raced enough to get an OR, in that case, avoid the race).
  2. A top trainer must train it, or it must have a top jockey on board.
  3. Must be at least 15/1 (check price on the site you are betting on)
  4. If there is more than one qualifier in the race, back them all.

Now ‘paper trade’ the system, and see how it goes in a few days.

Additionally, we have some ‘general’ regulations for everyday horse racing betting. These don’t apply to high stakes races as there are exceptions to all systems and regulations.

We hope all these tips and guidelines have helped you understand horse race betting better and will help you bet successfully next time. Now, it is time to review the best horse racing betting sites where you can safely and securely place your bets and follow your favourite racing horses.

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Betting on Horses FAQ

How Can I Safely Bet on Horses?

You can do that at the bookmakers/betting sites that you will find on our site – there are hundreds of bets to be placed on horse races worldwide every day!

Is It Legal to Bet on Horses?

Yes definitely! Betting on horses is not a crime. Make sure you do it with the licensed bookmakers.

Which Sites Offer the Best Bonuses?

All the excellent horse betting sites that offer bonuses can be found here.

How Do I Bet on Horse Racing Online?

Betting on horse racing is very straightforward. Register an account with an online bookmaker, go to the ‘horse racing’ section of the app, make your selections, add your stake, and place your bet.