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Select your device from the list below for guides to download mobile betting apps for each individual bookie. Discover all the advantages of placing your bets on an app by downloading any of your favourite bookies apps available in our gambling app store!

Please note: The information provided in our reviews below is based on personal experience and our personal opinions of each bookies products and services.

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Android Betting Apps

Android Betting AppsThe mobile market is divided mostly between Android and iPhone users. This means that sites need to provide mobile betting apps for both groups. The problem with Android betting apps is that Google doesn’t allow them in the Google Play Store. (Edit: some betting apps are now available on the Google Play Store in the UK) Due to Google’s strict anti-gambling policy, Android users must go through the trouble of locating an app they want to download.

Luckily, gambling websites will usually make it easy for you. They will provide a dedicated download link or let you scan a code that will immediately dispatch the installation file to your mobile device. Although it may take a bit more of your time, Android betting apps, at least quality ones, are easy to locate, download, and install. iPhone users have it a lot easier.

iPhone Betting Apps

iPhone Betting Apps

Unlike Google, Apple has no problem with betting or gambling. All sites offering mobile betting apps display their products in the App Store and are available for download with a few simple taps. Of course, all of these are free betting apps, and you won’t ever have to pay a single penny to download and install any and all of them.

While both sides have their arguments in the Android vs. iPhone debate, the fact is, the App Store is very convenient as you will easily find all betting apps in one place. You won’t have to cruise the internet in search of the best betting apps. A simple search will give you a long list of available apps, and you will just have to make your picks.

Casino Apps

Casino Apps

Casino apps are focused on providing you with the pleasure of various casino games. From roulette and blackjack to many online slots, mobile casino apps let you enjoy your favourite games at any time of day or night, regardless of where you are.

Today’s modern technologies have come so far that you can even play Live Casino games using mobile apps. You’ll be able to try your luck against flesh and blood dealers from your Android, iOS, or Windows device. The range of available games on today’s casino apps is truly impressive, and you’ll hardly run out of choices. Sometimes you’ll even find betting apps that combine casino apps’ elements as well, giving you a full package.

Poker Apps

Poker Apps

More and more online poker sites are developing their standalone mobile poker apps. The logic behind it is the same as with online casinos and betting apps. People spend a lot of time on their mobile devices, and they want to have a quick and easy access to tables. It works great for everyone involved, as people get what they want and, in turn, spend more time playing.

The only thing that’s not so great about poker apps is that it’s hard to play too many tables at the same time. Some players are used to playing a huge number of games simultaneously, and this is just not possible with poker apps due to physical constraints like screen size, available working memory, etc.

Find the Best Apps for all Devices

Betting apps have been all the craze in online gaming lately. With everyone owning a mobile device they take with them wherever they go, mobile betting apps offer a very convenient way for people to play their favourite games or place wagers even when not near their laptops or desktops. Like so many other apps that have found its way to mobile devices, free betting apps have almost become a norm for online sites that wish to stay competitive.

The best betting apps out there offer a full package. They are light, easy to use and work across various devices. People who use these apps want to have fun. They don’t want their devices to freeze or mobile betting apps that take forever to load. Convenience and user-friendliness make the difference between an app finding a new home on someone’s phone or being deleted after the first attempt to use it.

Online sites that have been in business for a while understand this. They know they can’t expect people to adjust to their betting apps but must instead create apps that provide users with what they need. The best betting apps out there thus embody everything: simple design, great interface, a huge offer of betting and gambling choices, and quick access to bonuses and other promos.

Advantages of Mobile Betting

Like everything else “mobile”, mobile betting apps are very convenient as they let you place your wagers regardless of where you are. You could be at work, having a coffee with friends, or travelling in a train at 200 mph. None of this will stop you from starting the app and making your picks or playing a few spins on your favourite slot machine.

The only thing you need is an internet connection. Back in a day, this could be seen as a problem, but nowadays there countless ways to access the global network. As long as your phone has a signal to your mobile provider, you’ll probably have access to the internet as well.

Given the fact we live in a truly high-speed society, advantages offered by the best betting apps are not negligible. The fact you enjoy betting doesn’t necessarily mean you love wasting hours on making your picks. Placing a few quick fast bets can be equally as thrilling, and this is exactly what mobile betting apps let you do. On top of that, they are very convenient for people who enjoy in-play betting but don’t want to spend a day tied up in front of their home computers or dragging their laptop everywhere they go.

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Please note: The information provided below is based on personal experience and our personal opinions of various apps we have tested. This is a general guide, but if you’re looking for specific information on a particular app, check with the bookie.


What are the best betting apps to install?
Regardless of what device you use, the best betting apps are usually those developed by reliable and experienced market leaders. They know what you need as a player and they will make sure to provide it.

Can I make deposits and withdrawals using mobile betting apps?
Most new betting apps will let you fund your account and request a withdrawal from the app interface. You won’t ever have to log in into the main site. Mobile betting apps have you covered in every sense.

Are betting apps safe?
Betting apps are as safe as other means of online betting. All information going in and out is protected with high-level encryption, and all your personal data is guarded by the site that developed the app. As far as safety goes, you have nothing to worry about with reliable betting apps.

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