Bet365 Goals Giveaway (Golden Goals): How Does It Work?

Written By:  Finn Huxley

Bet365 Goals Giveaway is a free-to-play football promotion from the popular online casino bet365 that allows you to win up to £10 in free bets every week you participate. The free bets, which are based on football matches, can be used on any sport.

Start playing by clicking below, or read on for a step-by-step guide on this revamped goals galore promo and how you can use it during the 2023/24 football season.

Bet365 Goals Giveaway Banner

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Your chance to win Free Bets every week – free to play!
We’re delighted to announce we’ve launched Goals Giveaway at bet365 – giving you the chance to win Free Bets every week of the 2022/23 season. Reveal up to five matches each week and win Free Bets dependent on the amount of goals scored in each fixture.
New and eligible customers only. Free to play. T&Cs apply. Registration required.

What is bet365’s Goals Giveaway? Do You Win Free Bets?

This promotion, which is only available to new and eligible customers, gives you a chance to win free bets to use on sports bets every week. This is how it works:

  1. Each week, you can reveal up to five football matches.
  2. If any of them has had four or more goals, you will receive bet credits.

Goals Giveaway Prizes

The free bet credits you’d get for the 2023/24 season are:

This means that you can get up to £10 on a weekly basis – completely for free. What’s even better, if there are a total of 20 or more goals in a week, you will get an extra £5 in credit. Not bad!

How to Play Goals Giveaway

It couldn’t be easier to participate in this promotion. All you need to do is log into your bet365 account every weekday (Monday to Friday) and visit the page called “Goals Giveaway”. This page will reveal a football match.

Bet365 Goals Giveaway on Desktop
Bet365 Goals Giveaway being played on desktop

As we mentioned above, the credits are paid according to the number of goals in each fixture that qualifies – up to five matches.

Participating in The Goals Giveaway Competition

Each football game round begins every Monday at 2pm. If you log in to your bet365 account after this time, you should see a banner announcing the chance to win bet credits. You will notice that clicking on this banner takes you to the current round.

How to use Goals Giveaway on the Bet365 App
Goals Giveaway Step-by-Step how to reveal the next match with Bet365

For every fixture that has four or more goals, you will be awarded free bets (£0.50 bet credit if there are four goals or more, £1 if there are five or more goals, and £5 extra if the sum of all goals for all fixtures is 20 or more).

Let’s see an example of what a week playing the Goals Giveaway (formerly Golden Goals or Goals Galore bet365) feature would look like in 2023/24 – and how many free bets and bet credits you could get when doing so.

The round will open on Monday at 2pm. You log into your bet365 account and click or tap on the banner. This will open the screen where you will be able to reveal up to five matches one at a time. So, on Monday, you would reveal the first one by clicking on “REVEAL”.

You will notice there’s a question mark icon that starts spinning. This is because the platform is picking a Premier League fixture. After a second or so, it will settle on a specific upcoming game.

You will then repeat this process on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – always after 2pm. The interface will show, at the top of the screen, your match goals and potential earnings.
The only thing you need to do now is sit back and wait for the football matches to resolve!

What’s the Easiest Way To Participate in the Goals Giveaway?

The easiest way to start receiving Goals Giveaway bet365 (formerly Golden Goals bet365) credits is to use the bet365 app. It can also be a good idea to use the Bet365 live streaming feature so you can watch your favourite games in real-time.

Is The Goals Giveaway/Golden Goals promo Worth It?

If you want to win free bets (even when they are rather small), then this competition can be a fun option to try. As we covered, you won’t be able to get more than £10 pounds a week, but you also don’t need to invest any money or use bet credits stakes. This is a free-to-play bet that only requires you to log in every day and tap on a few banners and buttons. So, if you like football… then why not give this simple feature a go in 2023/24?

Goals Giveaway Eligibility and Conditions

Goals Giveaway is a free-to-play game. The bet credits will be paid into your bet credits balance after each qualifying fixture.

One important thing to consider is that these credits constitute a non-withdrawable balance. This means you cannot include these bet credits stake in your returns. You can read the complete Terms & Conditions here.

Goals Giveaway FAQs

What Happens If I Miss a Goals Giveaway Day?

If you miss a day (in other words, if you forget to log in and click on “Reveal”), you won’t get any bet credits for that match.

How Long Can I Keep My Free Bet Credits Before I Use Them

The first thing to keep in mind is that you will only get the bet credits once the outcome is settled. The good news is that these credits do not expire! You can use them any time you want, but you will need to have an active account (your account goes inactive if you don’t log in for 90 days or more).

Can I View Past Match Results, Too?

Sure! All you need to do is open the Goals Giveaway game and go to the little link that says “My History”. There, you will be able to see all the rounds in which you have participated.

Can I Choose the bet365 Goals Giveaway Matches?

No. You can only reveal the matches as they are assigned to you. These will be up to five fixtures (less if you forget to log in) and they won’t necessarily be for matches that take place that day.