Can’t find betting apps on android devices?

Betting apps that you can't find on google play storeSo you can’t find betting apps on your android device? Don’t worry, they are easy to get! You just can’t see them because they aren’t available to download from the Google Play Store, the Android marketplace doesn’t allow content or services that facilitate online gambling.

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This isn’t too much of an issue as you can still download Android betting apps from third-party app stores and now in most cases from the bookie’s mobile site. As sports betting apps are most popular, the majority of bookmakers have tried to accommodate their customers using Android devices by allowing them to get the app directly from their website.

Which Bookies Have Android Betting Apps?

You will find that some bookmakers haven’t made that leap into providing apps for their customers, but it shouldn’t take long before every bookie has an app for most types of mobile devices. If you take a look on our Android Betting Apps you can find guides for how to download and install apps for each individual bookie.

If you are unlucky and your chosen bookie hasn’t made an app for your device yet, we’ve provided guides for how to set up a mobile app using the bookie’s mobile site that takes no time at all. What’s better is it’s pretty as good as having the real thing!

What If Your Bookie Doesn’t Have A Betting App For Android?

As we mentioned above, our guides also show you how you can use your bookie’s mobile website to create your own mobile app. This isn’t as good as having the proper Android app, but it does create easy access to the website for making quick bets on the go.

One positive of using the mobile site over the full app is that sometimes apps can have some usability issues that you have to live with until the next update from the bookie! When using the mobile site as an app, you don’t have to put up with this because it usually works just as well as the regular site.

Google Play Store & Android Betting Apps FAQ

Why Can’t I download betting apps on Android?
you can get betting apps on Android devices, just not through the Google play store. The easiest and safest way to get the app is from the bookie’s mobile website. To help, we have created individual guides for downloading the biggest bookies Android apps. Check the links below or select the app you’re looking for from the main menu.

Is it safe to download betting apps from unknown sources?
It is necessary to download and install the apps directly from the bookmaker’s website in some cases. While you have to “Allow installation of applications from Unknown sources” in your phone’s settings, be smart when downloading. Directly from a bookies website should be fine, but don’t trust 3rd party app stores you’ve never heard of.

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How To Download Android Betting Apps

If you want to find out if your bookie has an Android betting app available for your device, just take a look at our Android Betting Apps page and select your bookie. Alternatively here are our top 3 most used app download and install guides:

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