Why can’t I download betting apps on android?

Written By:  Finn Huxley
Last Updated:  Jul 15, 2023

Betting apps that you can't download on google play storeSo you can’t find betting apps on your android device in 2023? Don’t worry, they are easy to get! The most likely answer is you can’t see them because they aren’t available to download from the Google Play Store. The Android marketplace doesn’t allow content or services facilitating online gambling in every country.

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This isn’t too much of an issue as you can still download Android betting apps from third-party app stores and now in most cases from the bookie’s mobile site. As the popularity of sports betting apps rises, bookmakers have tried to accommodate customers using Android devices by providing the app directly from their website.

Which Bookies Have Android Betting Apps?

While some bookmakers aren’t providing apps for their customers directly from their website, they should have listed the app on the Play Store for countries where it’s available. If you look at our list of Android Betting Apps, you can find guides on downloading and installing apps for each bookie. You can also learn more about How Betting Apps Work from our new guide.

If you are unlucky and your chosen bookie hasn’t made an app for your device yet, try our guides on adding a bookie’s mobile site to your mobile’s main screen. It’s simple and almost as good as having a proper app.

What If Your Bookie Doesn’t Have A Betting App For Android?

As mentioned above, our guides also show you how to use your bookie’s mobile website to create your mobile app. This isn’t as good as having the proper Android app, but it creates easy website access for making quick bets on the go.

Using the mobile site can save hassle as apps can have usability issues you’ll have to live with until they get updated! Using the mobile site as an app means you don’t have to put up with this.

How To Download Android Betting Apps

If you want to find out if your bookie has an Android betting app available for your device, take a look at our Android Betting Apps page and select your bookie. Alternatively, check below to see which apps are available on the Google play store. If your chosen betting app isn’t available on Google Play, you can still use our guides to find alternative download options:

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Betting Apps Available on Google Play Store

bet365 App

Bet365 App

How to download the bet365 Android app

In 2023 you can access the bet365 app from the google play store and always check the bet365 site for the best way to get the app. At times bet365 has let you download it directly from them, and we have found the APK on other app stores. Use our guide to see various options on where to download the app and then how to install it easily.

We have also specifically covered why you can’t download the bet365 app and how to make it work.

Ladbrokes App

Ladbrokes Android App

How to download the Ladbrokes Android app

Ladbrokes also has a bunch of apps available which can be found on their mobile site to download, like the Ladbrokes Android app. Couldn’t find it on the Play Store? No problem, use our download guide to get Ladbrokes on your mobile.

Paddy Power Android App

Paddy Power Poker App

How to download the Paddy Power Android app

£20 Risk FreeLike most other bookies, Paddy Power have a dedicated page on their mobile website to download the Android app. Ensure you create an account on the mobile site first to claim the signup offer. Use our Download guide now to have the Paddy Power Android app in minutes.

Betfred App

Betfred Android App

How to download the Betfred Android app

Found yourself asking why you can’t download the Betfred App on Android? While the app is now accessible from the Play Store, some circumstances will prevent you from accessing Betfred on your mobile. Take a look at our Betfred download guide for instant download from the play store or alternative methods for downloading the app


Finding no Betting Apps on Android devices?

Searching for betting apps on a mobile device
One question we see a lot is from people not being able to find any betting apps on their mobile if it’s running Android. The main reason for this is usually location. At the time of writing this, the Google Play Store only allows gambling apps for the following countries/regions each with different limitations;

Allowed Countries
United Kingdom United States
Australia Belgium
Brazil Canada
Colombia Denmark
Finland France
Germany Ireland
Japan Mexico
New Zealand Norway
Portugal Romania
Spain Sweden


Available Countries & Limitations

Even in these countries, some limitations might exclude many well-known betting apps. These limitations vary for each country; for example in the UK online casino games, sports betting and Lotteries can be listed subject to licensing requirements. For the full up to date list, including each allowed country’s limitations Google has them listed on Play Console Help.

Third Party App Stores

If this doesn’t help, there are other app stores where you can find available Android apps (or APK as apps created for Android are often referred to). While you can find most betting apps on third-party Android app stores, be careful as they often aren’t the official or most up-to-date versions. While it is an option, we wouldn’t recommend using these app stores as they can cause big security risks for your mobile device and its data.
Not Recommended

Google Play Store & Android Betting Apps FAQ

Q. Why Can’t I download betting apps on Android?
A. You can get betting apps on Android devices, just not through the Google play store. The easiest and safest way to get the app is from the bookie’s mobile website. To help, we have created individual guides for downloading the biggest bookie’s Android apps. Check the links below or select the app you’re looking for from the main menu.

Q. Is it safe to download betting apps from unknown sources?
A. It is sometimes necessary to download and install the apps directly from the bookmaker’s website. While you have to “Allow installation of applications from Unknown sources” in your phone’s settings, be smart when downloading. Directly from a bookies website should be fine, but don’t trust 3rd party app stores you’ve never heard of.

Q. Why won’t betting apps work on my phone?
A. There are a lot of possible causes for this; one we see a lot is the app freezing or failing to load up when you are not on Wifi. If this is happening to you, it can be caused by your mobile network provider having adult content controls that are in place to prevent access to adult content. A good safety feature for anyone under 18. If you are over 18 and didn’t request this content to be blocked, you can contact your network provider to turn off these controls.

Please note: The information provided in our FAQs is based on personal experience and our personal opinions of these products and services.