How Do Betting Apps Work: The Ultimate Guide

Written By:  Pam Barnes
Last Updated:  Mar 2, 2023

Gambling has been known to humankind for centuries. It’s considered to be one of the oldest and most popular recreational activities. There’s a wide range of betting games with centuries-long history and tradition, and you can find many famous brick-and-mortar casinos and locations that attract punters from all over the world.

However, modern technology gave rise to online sports betting markets and casinos. You can place bets on an online betting site or download some of the best sports betting apps the gambling industry has to offer. Many countries have decided to legalize sports betting and other forms of betting online to cater to the growing numbers of internet-literate, mobile users.

Nowadays, you can bet online from any place in the world, at any time you want. You’ll need a mobile device, a stable internet connection, and some funds – and you’re good to go! Your betting options are almost endless: you can play online versions of your favorite traditional casino games or bet online on popular sports such as football or basketball. You can even bet on college sports and try live betting if you feel like it – that’s what betting apps are for.

Still, before you decide to place bets online, you need to find out more about it. If you’re not sure how betting apps work, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we explain everything there is to know about betting apps and online betting in general. We also answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

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Betting Apps – How Do They Work?

The idea behind betting apps is similar to traditional casino games that have been around for centuries.  However, technology has made it even more accessible, considering the fact that not everyone has a brick-and-mortar casino nearby, but almost everyone has a mobile device they use on a daily basis.

When downloaded, betting apps give you direct access to live odds from a bookmaker of your choice. You must create an account and fill your personal information, pay a deposit and create your bankroll. Then, you can place your bets directly through the app. You can also check the results and use the app of your choice to withdraw your winnings. That’s how betting apps work in a nutshell.

It’s also worth mentioning that the best casino and sports betting apps work on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. However, you don’t have to download them every time you want to place bets and have a little fun. Some betting apps may not be compatible with a certain operating system. If you notice that the app of your choice will not work on your device, don’t worry! Chances are, you’ll be able to access the gambling site directly and place your bets there.

The Legal Status of Betting Apps

Before they place their first bet, many people ask themselves these questions: “Is sports betting legal? Are there any legal sports betting states or countries? Is there a location where mobile betting apps are banned?” The good news is that sports betting online and in real life is legal – you can read more about it in The Gambling Act 2005. However, that doesn’t mean you can visit any online casino or sports betting app. The devil’s in the details, and in this case, it’s all about licensing.

The best sports betting apps are available to punters all over the world. However, some bookies and casinos are not licensed to operate in certain countries. As such, some mobile sports betting apps may be available to people from one region, while punters in a different location won’t be able to use them.

There may be several reasons explaining this situation. For example, some bookies and online casinos may find it difficult to meet all the legal requirements in a specific country – after all, sports betting legislation may differ from one country to another. Also, the cost of obtaining the permit may be too high for them to run their business with profit. This, in turn, results in the emergence of unreliable, scammy apps and online betting sites.

Pro tip: if you don’t want to fall victim to online scammers, you should visit reputable online betting sites and download the best mobile sports betting apps and casinos. You can check online reviews or visit websites like to look for apps worth trying.

Depositing Funds and Banking Methods

The best sports betting apps are free to download. However, they use real money, so you’ll have to pay a deposit to enter the game. Here, you can choose from a variety of banking methods, from credit cards to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. That’s one of the most significant advantages of online sports betting since many brick-and-mortar sportsbooks and casinos only accept payments in cash.

Betting Apps, Free Bets, and Other Benefits

Once you download a sports betting app for an iOS or Android device, you may be wondering if free bets are a thing and whether or not you’ll receive a deposit bonus. Are there any other benefits? Both betting and casino apps are highly competitive, so you can expect some benefits from choosing a specific online betting site or app.

You’re very likely to receive a deposit bonus once your payment is verified. You can also get a free bet for signing up and another free bet as you keep playing, but it won’t happen too often. Next to sign up benefits, you can expect loyalty benefits after spending enough time using specific online casinos or sports betting apps.

These are the most common benefits you can find while installing popular sports betting apps and casinos. You may encounter even more incentives along the way, so be on the lookout for that!

Different Bet Types

There are many different types of bets you can place on an online betting site or sports betting app. These include, but are not limited to:


Different types of bets

Betting Apps for iPhone

If you want to check out betting apps released by any major bookie, chances are you’ll find it in your App Store. Just a few taps with your finger, and you’ll have it on your device! You can also download the best betting apps for iPhone and iOS devices from iTunes or official websites of the bookies you’re interested in.

Below, you’ll find the best betting apps for iPhone and iOS devices:

Betting Apps for Android

There are many online sports betting apps and casino apps that are available exclusively for iOS devices. However, the same goes for devices with Android, and there are also apps that you can find both in the App Store and Google Play. These include the apps provided by the biggest bookies. Still, if you can’t find the app you’re looking for, check the online betting site of your choice. Chances are you’ll be able to run it on your phone without much trouble.

Here are some of the top sports betting apps and online sportsbooks for Android:

Poker and Casino Apps

Poker and casino apps involve games you can play in a traditional, brick-and-mortar location. Now you don’t have to leave your home if you feel like playing them! Just install a mobile betting app and pay a deposit.

The best thing is that you can download an app dedicated to a certain game, for example, poker or roulette. However, you can also get an app (such as bet365 Casino) that allows you to play a wide range of the most popular (and not so popular) casino games. This way, you can play your favourite game and learn about others.

Here are some of the best poker and casino apps:

Sports Betting

Sports betting involves predicting the results of various sports leagues and games and placing a wager on the outcome. It consists of both athletic (football, American football, hockey, tennis, basketball, racing, baseball, boxing, and more) and non-athletic events (political elections, reality shows, entertainment events), as well as non-human contests (such as horse racing or greyhound racing).

In order to place your bets legally, you must go through a bookmaker or a sportsbook. Wagers placed through private enterprises are considered illegal since they’re rarely licensed and regulated.

The best sports betting apps include:

Most common types of betting apps

Getting Started

The majority of online sportsbook and casino apps follow the same pattern. So, if you want to start your adventure with betting apps and legal sports betting online, do the following steps:

Benefits of Betting Apps

You may be wondering whether using betting apps is better than placing bets at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but first, let’s go over the benefits of using mobile sportsbook apps – the ones that traditional casinos can’t provide.

Our Recommendations

If you’re looking for the best betting apps for iPhone and Android, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find information about betting and casino apps that the Betting Apps team recommends.


bet365 Mobile Android App

If you’re looking for the best sports betting app, bet365 will appear on many lists you can find online. Bettors praise it for its user-friendly and professionally looking interface, with betting offers conveniently displayed and easy to navigate. The app provides a wide range of sports to bet on, from baseball, basketball, and boxing/MMA to snooker, soccer, Formula 1, tennis, and virtual sports. Placing a sports bet is easy; there are various bonuses available, and the cashout time is between 1 to 5 days. User experience and opinions have been mostly positive, which is why bet365 is in the sports betting apps’ hall of fame.

bet365 Casino

bet365 Casino App Icon

If you’re not into sports betting, you won’t miss the opportunity to test your luck and win big with the help of a mobile casino app. bet365 Casino has all the games its rivals offer, and it goes beyond that to cater to the pickiest punters! Players also praise it for its user-friendly, professional setup and design.

You can choose from hundreds of different casino games, from poker, roulette, blackjack, slots and jackpots, and many more. The live casino feature is available 24/7, and the tables are open at different times, which gives you even more opportunities to place your bets. Similar to the bet365 sportsbook, the bet365 Casino customer service is fast, helpful, and reliable. Additionally, bet365 Casino is available for desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to engage in your online betting experience in any form you like the most.


Sportingbet App

The Sportingbet app is praised for its sleek, user-friendly interface, attractive sign-up offer, live in-play betting, and a strong focus on popular sports. It has a wide range of odds on a variety of markets (including live betting markets). This UK bookmaker attracts bettors from other European countries, such as Germany, Turkey, and Spain. Sportingbet has an over 20-year-long tradition, and it keeps providing punters with reliable, entertaining services.


Betfred Android App Icon

Betfred is one of the highest-rated betting apps on the market; it often makes the cut in the top 10 bookmakers in the UK. It’s trustworthy, reliable, and licensed through the UK Gambling Commission. The app’s interface is straightforward and user-friendly. Betfred specializes in horse racing, but it also offers better odds in selected events. Even though it doesn’t provide as many betting options as other betting apps on the market, punters find the offers on Betfred attractive and competitive.

Paddy Power

Download Paddy Power Android App

Paddy Power provides punters with a nicely designed in-play area, covering all of the major sports, along with in-play and cash-out markets. Its signature grey, white, and yellow color scheme is esthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Paddy Power has recently introduced a one-touch function for in-play bets, which many punters find incredibly convenient. It also offers a wide range of bonuses and promotions, all sorted by sport. Even though the range of payment methods on the platform is somewhat limited, Paddy Power has been downloaded many times by Android and iPhone users.


Ladbrokes is one of the oldest betting companies in the UK, with betting shops dating back to the 1800s. Its long history and great reputation carried out throughout the years, with the betting website available for punters since the year 2000. Since then, there have been many additions to the platform, making it attractive to bettors in the UK. Ladbrokes is praised for its user-friendly design, a multi-vertical platform that allows you to make one deposit for multiple games, and a wide range of different jackpot games.


32red App Icon

Launched in 2002, 32Red shows no sign of stopping. With the total number of games reaching 400, it’s likely to have anything a casino player would like to try. It also includes million-pound jackpot slots that make you dream big! Punters praise 32Red for excellent customer service and w full range of betting products. The platform also features live dealer tables with HD streaming, and hundreds of positive reviews along with licenses and certificates prove that the services are trustworthy and fair.

888 Poker App

888 Poker App Mobile Logo

This app is an extension of the renowned casino platform 888. It’s one of the highest-scoring poker platforms; it’s licensed and attracts a good volume of traffic, with thousands of players trying their luck in the game. 888poker offers a wide variety of poker games, including Texas Holdem, 7 Card Stud, Sit & Go tournaments, Multi-Table tournaments, and many more. It’s available for mobile and tablet platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Android, and it’s also available for Apple Mac and Windows.


In this section, Betting Apps experts will answer some of the most common questions first-time online punters and gamblers might want to ask. Let’s go!

Is betting on mobile apps safe?

It’s clear that brick-and-mortar casinos differ from any gambling site. Even though their purpose and goals are the same, it’s the way they operate that raises some concerns. However, mobile sportsbook and betting apps are designed to provide the best experience possible, and app developers work tirelessly to ensure this experience is safe.

How? First, you can be sure that the mobile betting app you’re using is safe by downloading it from an official online store, be it from Google Play or App Store. Also, app developers use SSL encryption to protect sensitive personal data and secure depositing and withdrawing funds. Additionally, many sports betting and casino apps have the customer support live chat feature, with some even offering phone support. This way, you can get a quick response whenever something goes wrong.

Ultimately, keep in mind that many countries impose strict security regulations that betting apps have to meet in order to operate. These apps, just like the websites that provide them, are licensed under the same jurisdiction. As such, you can place bets online and be sure that it’s completely safe

Which betting app is the best?

There’s no easy answer to this question. Overall, mobile apps for online gambling share similar characteristics and are organized in a similar way, often offering the same games and allowing you to place the same bets. However, they may differ in design, interface, promotions, features, and bonuses that may encourage punters to choose that specific mobile betting app or online casino.

Many betting apps, such as bet365, are also backed up by various reviews, and you can read opinions written by real punters. If you’re not sure which app you should choose, a good rule of thumb is to read those reviews and look for potential red flags, as well as pay attention to what other people had to say about their online betting experience. Ultimately, the decision belongs to you. You should always look for reputable apps, but it’s your own experience and preferences that will determine which one is the best for you.

Are betting apps free?

Yes, betting apps are free to download. However, there’s no fun without risk, so you’ll have to make your deposit with real money. Some sports betting and casino apps even set a minimum deposit in the low-to-moderate price range. As a reminder, you can choose from a variety of funding options, from traditional money to Bitcoin.

Pro tip: if you notice that the betting app you want to download forces you to transfer your money, it’s better not to proceed with the transaction. Chances are you’re being scammed, and the app you’re about to download is not licensed and, thus, it’s not legal.

Do odds on desktop and mobile differ?

The odds on desktop and mobile devices should always be the same unless you’re using an unreliable betting app or website. However, the odds may vary between different online sports betting sites and apps, as well as mobile betting apps and casinos. That’s because brick-and-mortar sportsbooks and online sportsbooks can set their odds as they please. Still, the difference is usually minimal, but it’s what encourages many sports bettors and online punters to use more than just one betting app or website.

Can I use multiple online casino and sportsbook apps?

There’s no cap on how many betting apps you can use. You can log in to as many apps as you like, or you can stick with one if that’s what works best for you. Many people tend to use more than one app to compare the results and maximize their winnings. If you’re a first-time punter and you’re making your first steps in online betting, we recommend trying out one betting app for starters. Once you get the hang of it and try different games, consider learning how to use other sports betting apps simultaneously.

Just keep in mind that your comfort and level of entertainment matter the most – don’t feel pressured into downloading more betting apps just because “everyone does it.” It’s simply not the case, and you can get free money by using just one online casino or sports betting app.

Can I use betting apps on a tablet?

The biggest bookies ensure that their betting software runs on all kinds of devices. As such, you’ll find plenty of online sports betting sites and casinos for desktops, phones, and tablets, for example, William Hill and Paddy Power.

However, certain online sportsbooks and casinos may be available for desktop or mobile devices. If you want to use them on your tablet, you should visit the bookmaker’s website – it should run on your tablet just fine.

Do I have to be good at sports to be successful at sports betting?

No, you don’t have to be good at sports to be a successful sports bettor. However, you’ll need to have a solid knowledge of the discipline of your choice to make a profit. Sports betting can be unpredictable, but you can decrease the level of uncertainty by possessing a good knowledge of a specific sport.

When it comes to sports betting, even the smallest details count. They may influence betting outcomes and have an impact on sports bettors’ wagers. As such, while playing a particular sport is not necessary, it’s crucial to have profound knowledge of the ins and outs of that discipline. If you want to win big, you can’t rely on your intuition all the time – not in the case of sports bets.

Can I support myself from online betting?

Many people who start betting believe that playing online is one of the easiest ways to get rich. Even though it’s possible in theory, it rarely translates to reality. The reason why it’s almost impossible is the fact that the odds are stacked against you. There’s no foolproof sports betting strategy that can guarantee you’ll win every time you place bets. Still, some people are unaware of it and develop a severe gambling problem. That’s why you should remember that moderation is the best strategy while using online sports betting apps and casinos.

Final Thoughts

Online casinos and sports betting apps are a great source of entertainment and give an opportunity to make some money on the side. They’re an excellent alternative to brick-and-mortar locations, and it looks like they’re here to stay! More and more mobile users and sports bettors decide to download an app and have their favorite games at hand. The convenience is undeniable, and the best betting apps for iPhone and Android devices are straightforward and easy to use.

Mobile casino and sports betting apps also encourage punters with a wide range of incentives, such as free bets or loyalty bonuses. More importantly, they’re legal, except for some cases that fail to meet various legislation norms in a specific country. Those scammy apps and betting sites are easy to spot, especially now, after you’ve read our extensive guide.

Hopefully, you now know how betting apps work, and you’re on your way to becoming a sports bets pro. If you want to learn more about the best sports betting sites and sports betting apps, feel free to explore our page.