Betting on Drone Racing

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In the world of betting, things are always changing and developing. In case you’ve missed it, drone racing betting has been gaining popularity lately. Now, more and more online bookies are starting to pick up on this new craze. Pinnacle is one of the first companies offering odds on drone racing for the bettors from the UK.

For everybody wondering what drone racing is and how to bet on drone racing, this article explains it all. Like with all new stuff, this can be a great opportunity for all the bettors who get in on the ground floor. Many will seek to take advantage of the trend while it’s still in its infancy and hopefully profitable.

Drone racing betting may be a new thing, but it seems like it won’t be long before it hits the mainstream. At that point, those in the know will have the upper hand to rake in some nice money.

What is Drone Racing?

These mechanical robots come in all shapes and sizes, are usually remotely controlled, and you can fly them around as you like. Some do it just for fun and others have found more useful applications like filming terrain from the air. Recently, a growing number of people are getting involved with drone racing as well.

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With drones being so popular, it didn’t take long for someone to race his or her drone against someone else’s, just to see who gets across the finish line first. What started as a small-scale competition among friends quickly turned into large gatherings at “race tracks.”

These games are now receiving a formal framework nowadays and have spawned drone racing tournaments across the globe. Drone owners will gather at designated locations with their drones and goggles allowing them to see everything from the drone’s perspective (FPV; first-person view). They’ll try to navigate their robots faster than other participants in the race, to reach the finish line first.

What Bookies Offer Drone Race Betting?

As of right now, Pinnacle is the only bookie offering odds on drone race betting. The betting giants out there, like Ladbrokes and Paddy Power, offer odds on pretty much anything you can imagine but not drone racing.

It seems they’re staying clear of drone racing for the time being, but you have to imagine it’s only a matter of time until they catch on.

Uncertain Rules & Regulations

The biggest holdup resides with the fact that is a very new market, and bookies are pretty much in the dark about finer details of this discipline. Just like you may be wondering how to bet on drone racing, bookmakers are uncertain on how to set the odds.

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While it may seem that bookmaking business is all about gambling it up, these companies are in it to make money, and they can only do this by carefully exploring their options and crafting their offers. It is very hard to do in a discipline that has no clearly defined rules and regulations, and there are no real professional teams. Of course, things have been changing as of late, and the likes of Ladbrokes are looking into adding drone race betting to their offers soon.

Pinnacle Offer Odds on DRL

At the same time, Pinnacle seems to be on the other side of the argument. They obviously want to seize the market while it is still fresh, and that’s why they are the only bookmaker around that’ll give you odds on some of the biggest drone racing events.

The bookie is still playing it safe with what events are available for betting, but all the fans of the discipline out there can find something to get their blood pumping at Pinnacle.

What Drone Racing Events Currently Exist?

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Although Drone Racing is a new discipline, there are already quite a few official competitions and tournaments out there for all enthusiasts to get involved with.

Drone Racing League

The Drone Racing League (DRL) is the most popular formal competition for all drone racers. Hosted by Allianz in cooperation with the likes of Sky Sports, ESPN, and Prosieben MAXX, these events will receive a lot of mainstream coverage. The Allianz World Championship will see six races take place around the globe, with 16 of the best drone pilots competing for the prestigious title.

Drone Championship League

The Drone Championship League (DCL) is another prestigious series of events for all drone racing aficionados.

In addition to these big leagues, there are numerous events taking place in the UK scattered throughout the year. These attract drone racing enthusiasts from all over the country, eager to compete against the others and see how their metal pets compare when put to the test.

Betting on World Drone Racing Championships

As mentioned, the DRL is the biggest and most recognised competition in the world of drone racing. As such, this was the only event that Pinnacle offered odds for all those looking to bet on drone racing. This year, this will probably be the first event that Pinnacle will accept bets on as well.

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If you’re wondering how to bet on drone racing and what options will be available, here are some of the highlights from the last year offer.

Due to factors already mentioned (a new discipline, a lot of unknown factors), last year Pinnacle only offered odds on straight up winners. Luke Bannister (Banni UK) was the favourite to win, with odds at 1.95. Zachary Thayer (A_Nub) represented an excellent betting opportunity at 3.46, but with some serious potential to threaten Bannister’s dominance. Others included in the offer were Vladimir Meshcheriakov and Dino Joghi.

Pinnacle hasn’t announced plans for betting on drone racing this year, but we expect they’ll be announcing it soon. So, if drone race betting is your cup of tea, stay on the lookout as the DCL is just around the corner.