Acca Insurance Guide for 2023

Written By:  Finn Huxley

What Is Acca Insurance?

Acca Insurance

An accumulator bet is a fantastic opportunity to win big, turning a small stake into a huge prize. There’s a catch, though. All the separate bets within your Acca must win to score your payout. And if you’ve ever made an Acca bet, you know how frustrating this condition can be.

It’s something we’ve all experienced, that one game ruining your perfect 10-team accumulator wager at the very last minute. Is there a more frustrating feeling? Well, some bookies now provide bettors with a solution for their struggles. We’re talking about Acca insurance.

In short, an Acca insurance offer allows you to receive a part of your stake back if one of your bets within an accumulator loses. How does it work, though? And is it really as beneficial as online bookies claim? Let’s take a closer look at accumulator insurance to answer these questions.

How Does Acca Insurance Work?

The idea behind Acca Insurance is simple. A bookmaker will refund your stake if one selection ruins your accumulator bet. However, although the general idea remains the same, the terms and conditions may differ depending on the betting site. For instance, there can be differences regarding minimum odds, number of bets, or maximum free bet return.

Acca Insurance Qualifying Bet Requirements

For most bookmakers, to place an Acca insurance qualifying bet, punters need to meet the following criteria:

  • An Acca wager should consist of at least five bets or more.
  • Multiple bets within an accumulator bet should add up to min odds amount (depending on the bookie).
  • A bet should be placed on a specific sport, e.g., football or horse racing.
  • Acca insurance offers usually apply to a specific sportsbook market outlined in the terms & conditions.

How Do Acca Insurance Refunds Work?

Placing a qualifying bet is one thing. Receiving your refund is an entirely different story. First of all, don’t expect to get a cash refund. It doesn’t work like that. Instead, bookmakers pay insurance refunds in the form of free bets.

Another thing to understand here is that free bet stakes are always the same value as your initial bet, but only up to the max refund stated in the Acca insurance offer. For instance, suppose a maximum free bet stake is £20, but your initial qualifying bet was £25. In this case, you’re still eligible for your free bet refund, but only for the £20.

Also, keep in mind that there might be some additional conditions regarding accumulator bets qualifying for a refund, including:

  • A minimum stake wagered on the initial bet.
  • Minimum odds of the accumulator bet.
  • Potential restrictions and limits, depending on the sports betting market.

As a rule of thumb, you should always read the terms and conditions applying to bets that qualify for Acca insurance offers. There, you will find all the information you need to avoid any unpleasant surprises when betting.

When Are Free Bets Paid?

As covered, you will receive a free bet if one of the selections in your accumulator bet loses. However, to clarify things once and for all, let’s go through the three possible scenarios that apply to accumulator bets:

Scenario 1 – Your Accumulator Bet Wins. In this case, we can only say congratulations. If all bets win, then there’s no need for a refund.

Scenario 2 – One Selection Loses: Suppose you place a 10-game Acca wager for £10 that qualifies for insurance. If you win 9/10 games, it means you lose your stake. However, since your bet did qualify for Acca insurance, you get a £10 free bet refund.

Scenario 3 – Two or More Selections Fail: If two or more of your selections lose, you lose your stake. Moreover, even if your bet qualifies for an Acca insurance promotion, you won’t receive a free bet as more than one selection failed, automatically disqualifying your bet from the offer.

Bookies Best Acca Insurance Offers

Are you looking for which bookies offer the best Acca Insurance offers? Acca insurance has become a standard among leading online sports betting sites. Every bookie applies different terms and conditions regarding accumulator insurance, though. Below, we’ve listed what we have found to be the best Acca insurance offers:

William Hill Acca Insurance

William Hill Acca insurance allows you to receive a free bet on all sports if one of your legs lets you down. A maximum refund at William Hill is £20, and the qualifying bet should consist of at least five selections at min odds of 1/5 per leg.

Paddy Power Acca Insurance

Paddy Power Acca insurance offer works similarly to William Hill’s promotion. It works on all markets (excluding horse racing), with a qualifying bet consisting of at least five legs at min 1/5 odds each. The only difference is the maximum refund of £10 instead of £20.

Betfred Acca Insurance

Betfred Acca insurance applies only to football. Like in the case of Paddy Power and William Hill, your bet must consist of five selections. The minimum odds are different, though, with a min odds of 1/3 per leg required to qualify for the offer of a £10 free bet refund.

Ladbrokes Acca Insurance

Ladbrokes provides football Acca insurance on all leagues you can think of. There are requirements, though. Firstly, your Acca must consist of at least five games, with minimum odds of 1/3 each. Once you meet these criteria, your bet becomes eligible for a maximum £10 refund in a free bet.

Betfair Acca Insurance

By placing an accumulator wager for at least £10 at min odds of 1/2, you become eligible for Betfair Acca insurance promotion, which states you can get your £10 back as a free bet if one of your selections fails.

Expert Opinions

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your otherwise perfect Acca bet by one selection. The leading bookmakers now offer accumulator insurance to protect punters from losing their entire stake. And while the terms and conditions of these promotions differ between bookies, the general idea remains the same. If one of your qualifying accumulator bet selections fails, you receive your initial stake back in free bets.

This gives punters an excellent opportunity to decrease the risk of losing their entire stake when putting together their (supposedly) ideal Acca wager. However, before you take advantage of this offer, be sure to check the details regarding the qualifying bet settlement, as it may depend on the betting site.

Generally speaking, though, accumulator insurance promotions are one of the most beneficial deals a punter can take advantage of when betting. If your bookie provides punters with such an offer, you’ll find it quite handy sooner rather than later, sparing you at least a part of the frustration from losing your beautiful accumulator bet by that one cursed game.