Best Football Score Apps of 2022: Live Updates and Real-Time Soccer News

Written By:  Will Rosen
Last Updated:  Feb 11, 2022

Millions of people worldwide love watching the most popular sport on the planet – Football (also known as Soccer in other parts of the world).

Nothing beats the field-side action of a football game, but many don’t have the luxury of spending their precious time and hard-earned money to attend. That’s why most of them settle to watch their dearest football club in the comfort of their home.

Good thing there are football apps that provide live game updates and offer real-time scores directly to your mobile. However, many football fans still can’t get up-to-date details about the game because of various reasons such as work and personal commitments. How would we choose the right app for the job with so many applications to choose from? Here is our list of the top football live scores football apps with that question in mind.

The Best Football Live Score Apps of 2022

  • LiveScore
  • FlashScore
  • Goal Live Score
  • SofaScore
  • FotMob
  • 365 Scores
  • OneFootball
  • Forza Football
  • Futbol24
  • BeSoccer
  • All Football

We have a couple of honourable mentions that provide a broad scope of information about the game. These are significant authorities not only inside the football field but in the world of sports.

  • ESPN
  • FIFA
  • Stats Zone

Here’s a quick breakdown of the remarkable features of these applications that make them the top choice for dedicated football fans around the globe.

Top Football Live Score Apps


Live Score

LiveScore has built a solid reputation in the football community thanks to the years of top-notch service offered to the game’s fans. Since its launch in 1998, the team behind the app have provided consistent and reliable updates on live matches.

The interface is easy to follow and displays relevant information, always accessible, making it one of the most user-friendly football live score apps. The app provides a massive collection of football games from different football leagues around the globe. Football fans can follow their teams in the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, English Premier League and more. LiveScore covers more than 1000 live games each week during football season. We bet that would be more than enough to satisfy even the most ardent footie fans cravings.

Aside from football, LiveScore also features other sports such as basketball, tennis, cricket, and hockey scores. This is perfect for someone who loves watching other games alongside football.



FlashScore has been popular for years thanks to its fast and accurate football score feeds. The software provides a complete summary of the stats and what transpired during the game so you can be part of the action. Even the awarding of yellow and red cards are also included! This makes it one of the most sought-after football news apps on mobile.

FlashScore provides immense coverage for football fans, but the app also offers different sports. Users can monitor live scores from 30 other sports that span over 9000 competitions worldwide. If you fancy games such as rugby, cricket, and tennis, then FlashScore might be the perfect fit for you.

Just choose any of the teams you want to follow, and all of the relevant information will be delivered straight to your mobile app. You can also switch from your mobile to your computer for a more detailed breakdown of the in-game stats of the game you are following.

Goal Live Score

Goal Live Score

Getting live updates for the top teams in the league can be as easy as downloading Goal Live Score. The app alerts you instantly every time the ball crosses the goal. All of the relevant and latest news about the team and the league you follow will be delivered straight to your mobile.

Aside from the reliable instant goal alerts, the Goal Live Score app also provides a complete breakdown of live coverage of team lineups, player ratings, and even useful pre-match information about the playing teams.

Goal Live Score has a wide range of league coverage; you can choose between leagues such as Ligue 1, Premier League, Champions League and other competitive cups around the globe with just one tap on your smartphone.


Sofa Score

If you’re looking for all the latest football events, SofaScore might be the perfect app for you. Aside from giving live scores, the app delivers the hottest scoops and any related team news about your preferred teams. Aside from relevant game info, SofaScore offers a player rating system and provides in-match insight.

The interface is easy to follow, making it one of the best football apps you can get on your mobile. Aside from featuring in-depth analysis from any football match, you can also get key live stats from 22 other sports. That includes tennis, cricket, rugby and more!

If you’re looking for the best live score apps for Android and iOS, SofaScore is definitely in that category.



If you truly love football, you most likely love using FotMob. FotMob provides essential stats and in-depth coverage of your desired games. It covers most top leagues, from Spanish La Liga to Bundesliga. You’ll never miss kick-off details such as the starting lineups, match stats, goals, and cards given. The mobile app gives a simple breakdown of the game details that anyone can follow.

Push notifications are also there to remind you about any live football events. It also supports live commentary available in 10 languages! Above all, you can personalise your desired newsfeeds and content coming from different cups and football competitions across the globe.

365 Scores

365 Scores

When talking about the best football score app on the market, 365 Scores always holds one of the top spots. More than 50 million users around the globe utilise its comprehensive and reliable scoring charts and football statistics in real-time.

Video content and highlights are also available, making it one of the most exciting mobile apps in the sports world. It has a vast collection of football leagues ranging from La Liga, the Champions League, Premier League, Major League Soccer, and live scores from the UEFA Champions League.

On top of providing the most helpful information about live football games, 365 Scores also covers different sports, including baseball, tennis, basketball, rugby, and hockey. Since its launch in 2013, app developers have consistently improved 365 Scores’ platform, and it is now considered one of the more user-friendly football score apps available for sports lovers.



When it comes to trusted live scores apps on mobile, OneFootball is always on the top of everyone’s lists. News and stats coming from every competition, such as Major League Soccer, UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, and others, are available on the platform.

Aside from providing live scores, it also delivers reliable news from every significant competition bracket. You can also customise your newsfeed and only see relevant information such as football stats of your favourite teams. You also can see any upcoming schedules, team lineups, and match analysis straight to your android and iOS devices.

Forza Football

Forza Football

Sports fans consider Forza Football one of the best football apps, making it one of the most popular and widely used live score apps in monitoring football matches. It offers exclusive scoops from hundreds of leagues and provides league tables, up-to-date stats, and any related news about your preferred teams.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of Forza Football is the instant video highlights that all footie fans love to see. Player suspensions, injuries, and team news are also covered, making it one of the more reliable sources around. Forza Football live score app is available both on Android and iOS devices.



If you like to get the quickest news about football matches, then Futbol24 might be the app for you. It is considered one of the fastest football score apps and offers over 800 football competitions worldwide.

Aside from giving real-time scores, Futbol24 also allows you to compare team stats and other relevant information about the game.



If you’re looking for the best football score app that provides in-depth stats analysis, then BeSoccer might be the right fit for you. Indulge yourself in the system’s massive library of data coming from different players and competitions. BeSoccer’s player comparison feature allows you to compare two players’ stats side-by-side.

Aside from playing around with the stats of your favourite players, this live football app updates you with every goal scored by your preferred team.

All Football

Looking for straight-up news directly in your football app, All Football might provide you with precisely what you need. It is known to provide reliable and up-to-date information about the game, report sports scores of your desired club and remind you of their match schedules.

Like most football score apps for Android and iOS devices, it also breaks down stats and offers live games for free. Fans will never lose interest in the game, thanks to the breath-taking highlights available on the platform that you can share with your buddies.

All of these apps have one thing in common. They provide reliable and quick access to the addictive game of football. With any of these apps living on your mobile phone, you are sure that you’ll never miss a game.

Without a doubt, using a live score app helps you feed information from your preferred football team. However, there are other iOS and Android apps that you can use as an alternative. Here are a couple of our honourable mentions.


ESPN is known worldwide as one of the leading authorities in sports.

The official ESPN app is available on Android and iOS and provides valuable updates about your favourite leagues such as La Liga, Champions League and other major football competitions. Their app offers live football scores as well as relevant news about the club you’re following.

Aside from live football scores, you can dissect games from other sports such as basketball, baseball, and others with just a few taps.



The official FIFA application for Android and iOS devices can be considered the best live score app on both platforms. After all, they are the leading face in international sports competitions.

You’ll find reliable sources of news from various leagues around the globe, and you get to follow your preferred players anytime. You can also access first-hand information about the world rankings of any national team.

Stats Zone

Stats Zone

Football fanatics know that FourFour Two Magazine is one of the top authorities in football media. With that in mind, FourFour Two decided to cross the software realm and extend their influence with the help of Stats Zone.

They supply you with vital information about your favourite football leagues and detailed analysis of every player on the field. These features are available for free for any iOS and Android user.

In Conclusion

All live score apps follow the same structure of instantly feeding you the information you need. However, they have different approaches to their notifications and their customisation features. The best approach is to try a couple of these apps and see what works for you best.