Coral Cash Out & Partial Cash Out – Explained (2022)

Written By:  Will Rosen
Last Updated:  Feb 11, 2022


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Coral holds an elite spot in the online betting world. Its user-friendly approach brings new customers onboard while veteran punters continue to use the service. You can play around with tons of features to help you get a better experience within the platform.

Features such as the Coral Cash Out or Cash Out My Bet are probably the most underutilized betting features on the platform. To help you with that, here’s everything you need to know about Coral Cash Out and Partial Cash Out.

Coral Cash Out: What is it All About?

Coral has many live in-play features to make your betting experience more enjoyable. One of them is the Coral Cash Out.

Coral Cash Out My Bet is a feature that allows punters to settle their bets even before games reach their time limits. That means you have more control over your bets and, more importantly, your potential profits. The caveat, you’ll get a percentage of your probable gain.

To give you a better scenario, picture this: You placed a bet worth £10 on a football game. Your wager that team A would beat team B for a potential return of £15. Team A is up 2-1, and you decide to use the Coral Cash Out My Bet feature in the 80th minute of the game for a smaller return of £13. That means your bet is safe, whatever happens in the remainder of the game.

Betfair Exchange first introduced this kind of feature in the early 2010s. It slowly made significant traction within the sports betting platforms in the next couple of years. Coral followed suit and introduced their version to the public naming it Cash out My Bet and their partial cash-out feature called Partial Cash Out My Bet.

You can use the Coral Cash Out features on the Coral connect app and their regular website. It is also available to all customers, but specific terms and conditions must be met first.

Cash Out on Desktop Website

  • Log into your Coral account with your login credentials.
  • Located at the right pane of the screen, look for ‘My Bets,’ and you’ll see all available slots open for wagers.
  • The ‘Cash Out My Bet’ option will become available if all eligibility criteria are met. An orange cash out button will become available with the estimated Cash out value.
  • Once you decide to use the Cash Out My Bet option, you’ll see your cashed out bets instantly added on top of your account balance.

Cash Out using Coral Mobile App

All betting apps allow you to use various payment methods. However, unlike other betting tools, the Coral sports betting app will enable you to do more.

  • Make sure you’re logged into your Coral Connect app.
  • Look for the ‘My Bets,’ and you should see all current bet statuses such as open and settled bets associated with your account.
  • Open qualifying bets for Cash Out My Bet will become available, and you should see the Cash out value for your bet.
  • The total cashed out bet transaction should appear in your account when you tap the Cash out button.

Coral Partial Cash Out: What is it All About?

The Coral Partial Cash Out feature allows you to be flexible with your open bets. The feature provides you with an option to cash in a portion of your bet and leave the rest of the stake to run until the game or event is settled.

Opting for partial Cash out in Coral is a simple task. You can choose between 10% to 90% of your bet, and the system will automatically prompt you to calculate how much earning you can collect. A cash slider will be present whenever the partial Cash-out is available.

A similar concept to the Coral Partial Cash Out feature is unavailable with other bookies.

Coral Retail and In-Shop Cash Out Bet

Wondering if cash-out features are only available on online bets? Well, a lot of people thought the same. Good thing Coral allows any users to cash out wagers made in-store.

A bet slip purchased in more than 1,800 Coral shop locations contains a unique cash-out code. This code allows you to get into the Coral Bet Tracker, and you have the option to include the bet into your digital account.

You can cash out an in-shop bet receipt on the Coral Cash Out website. Like other Coral bets eligible for Cash out, you’ll see different values for each wager.

New UK Customers

New users receive free bets valid within the platform most of the time. In rare cases, they usually get other forms of compensation, such as a casino bonus that they can use in their first bet. However, if you’re interested in cashouts, initial bonuses and other forms of welcome bonuses may not be eligible.

To ensure your first sports bet online is eligible for a successful cash-out transaction, it is recommended to check the bet agreement and the terms associated with any qualifying bet deals.

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Coral Cash Out Bet Types

Coral has a massive collection of betting markets, including horse racing, fight betting and other significant events. However, each set of games has its bet type. Here are a few examples of Coral Cash Out and Partial Cash Out offers.


Football offers tons of Cash out bet types in the form of the following:

  • Match Betting
  • Next Team to Score
  • Correct Score
  • Half-Time
  • Full-Time
  • Both Teams to Score
  • Double Chance
  • 1st Half Results
  • 1st Half Correct Score
  • 2nd Half Result
  • 2nd Half Correct Score
  • 1st Half Double Chance
  • 2nd Half Double Chance
  • Both Team to Score in Both Halves
  • Both Teams to Score in 1st Half
  • Both Teams to Score in 2nd Half
  • Score Goal in Both Halves
  • Score Goal in 1st Half
  • Score Goal in 2nd Half


  • Fight Bet
  • Method of Victory


  • Match Bet
  • Set Bet
  • Set Winner


  • Match Betting
  • Highest 1st 6 Over Totals


  • Match Bet


  • Match Bet

Reasons Why Coral Cash Out is Not Available

There are instances that Coral Cash Out may not be available even though the event offers full and partial Cash out offers. If that’s the case, the Coral Cash Out feature is unavailable for any of the following reasons.

You need to accept the terms and agreements before using the Coral Cash Out feature. You’ll see all applicable terms and conditions during your first attempt at using the Cash Out services.

Occasionally, Coral offers free bets to users to experience the exciting feel for the game. If you’re one of the lucky ones, the Cash Out feature may not become available for the free bet.

Cash Out offers do not apply to an outstanding wager that was part of another offer. In some instances, the Cash Out service is not available at the time.

Coral Cash Out: Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to cash out my bet?

Deciding on when to opt-in for Cash out all depends on you. If you’re happy with the current potential earnings you can get, then it is best to use the feature immediately. Tables can turn at any moment, and leaning towards a more significant win at the end of the event sometimes leads to crushing losses.

Whether you are playing for free bet stakes or a seasoned veteran in the betting markets, we all should bet responsibly.

Cash-out suspended/unavailable’ what does it mean?

Cash Out Suspended may mean a couple of things. The most common cause behind this is the likelihood of the event being temporarily suspended because of several instances. Certain events such as penalty kicks and game-turning events may suspend the cash-out. Temporarily suspending the feature is also the system’s way to ensure the odds are up-to-date.

If there are no game-turning events or other critical game moments, it simply means your bet didn’t meet the criteria for cash-out. Not all markets are eligible for the feature. It would help if you always looked for an icon that shows the Cash Out My Bet is available before putting your bet at stake.

Free bet offers may also be why the Coral Cash Out feature is not available in the market. However, there are instances that free bets would go through the process. To cover everything you need to know about the specific conditions for Coral Cash Out services in free bets, it is best to check the terms and conditions that may apply.