What Is a Lucky 31 Bet?

Written By:  Will Rosen
Last Updated:  Dec 9, 2021

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The Complete Guide to a Lucky Bet

This guide focuses on three different system bets, all of which are called Lucky bets. The three methods come about through the different number of games selected. The resulting number of possible combinations gives them their respective names. On this page, you will learn everything you need to know about how Lucky 15, Lucky 31 and Lucky 63 work and how to use them. A system where luck is already in the name – what could go wrong?

A system bet is a combination of wagers with the help of which the horse betting fan can organise and place his tips strategically and systematically. However, most bookmakers offer it for other sports as well.

Depending on how many tips have been selected and are gathered in the betting slip, different bet details are available. Three of them are called Lucky 15, Lucky 31 and Lucky 63.

The “Lucky” betting system is strategic betting with 4, 5, or 6 tips. The basis of these three betting systems is the betting forms “single bet” and “combination bet” (also “sliding bet”).

According to its name, the single bet contains a single wager. In contrast, the combination bet includes several wagers on different races and possibly even at different conditions (fixed price, contingent odds format) and from different bet types (win odds, place a bet, etc.).

For such a bet to be settled as a win, all forecasts must prove to be correct. The sliding bet is, therefore, riskier than the single bet!

To counter this problem, there is the possibility of organising the bets in different ways and forming several bets from them so that individual failures (= winning selections and tips that do not turn out to be correct) do not lead to a total loss. This is the task of the system bet.

The betting systems Lucky 15, Lucky 31 and Lucky 63, for example, systematically cover all betting and combination possibilities that result from 4 (Lucky 15), 5 (Lucky 31) or 6 bets (Lucky 63).

The number in the name of the betting system – 15, 31 or 63 – already indicates the multiple bets that can be formed from the number of wagers included.

What Is a Lucky Bet?

The Lucky system bet (15, 31, 63), named after the number of possible combinations, consists of 4, 5 and 6 games, respectively. But doesn’t a system of 4 games bear the name Yankee, with 5 games the term Super Yankee and with 6 events the title Heinz? Correct, but the Lucky has a decisive difference from the other systems. Here, in addition to the familiar combinations, there are now also the possibility of single bets.

Bet Details & Odds in the “Lucky” Betting System

Initially, a Lucky bet consists exclusively of winning selections. However, many bookmakers for horse betting also allow system bets for each-way bets.

Of course, what logic alone prohibits is not possible: for example, combining different tips on the same race. There have to be separate selections.

A Lucky 31 bet type is a popular bet on 5 different selections, consisting of 31 bets in total. The Lucky 31 bet includes five singles, ten doubles, ten trebles, five four-folds and one five-fold. To earn a return, at least one selection from the Lucky 31 bet must be won. This is advantageous as you can withdraw your bet even if some of your selections lose and you only have one winner. The Lucky 31 bet is popular with bettors as it allows them to get a higher return. They prefer it instead of the typical multiple bet where all selections must win.

The amount won by the Lucky 31 bet depends on the selection that wins and the odds that have been applied. Remember that with Lucky 31, you are placing 31 different bets at once. So, for example, if you stake £1 per bet, the total stake will cost you £31. For the best calculations, we recommend that you use a Lucky 31 bet calculator. This will show you the amount the Lucky 31 bet would cost you.

Bookmakers are pretty generous when it comes to Lucky 31 bets. Some of them regularly offer bonuses and special offers for this type of betting. If you decide to place Lucky 31 bets, check if you can take advantage of additional offers from bookmakers. These are beneficial to you.

Most bonuses are win increases (which means you get an extra win if all the permutations win).

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Example of a Lucky 31 Bet

We know that many bettors think that Lucky 31 is difficult to understand. Calculating the bet is probably a little tricky at first, but there are Lucky 31 bet calculators that will help you without any gambling commission.

We would like to explain the Lucky 31 bet to you with a simple example.

Suppose you bet £1 per unit stake, a total of £31, on the following five horse racing selections.

  • Do you dream of winning at odds of 3.00
  • Wish to win at odds of 4.00
  • Pure Magic, to win at odds of 4.50
  • Fate, to win at odds of 2.50
  • A huge success, to win at odds of 2.80

In this case, you have six options that may occur.

  • 0 selection wins – The payout is zero, and the bookmaker gets to keep your original stake
  • One selection wins (for example, dream at odds of 3.00) – £5 return for a total win of -£26
  • Two selections win (Dream at 3.00 and Wish at 4.00) – £19 return for a total win of -£12
  • Win 3 selections (Dream at 3.00, Wish at 4.00 and Magic at 4.50) – £109 return for a total win of £78
  • Win 4 selections (Dream at 3.00, Desire at 4.00, Magic at 4.50 and Destiny at 2.50) – £384 return for a total win of £353
  • Win five selections – a £1754 return for a total win of £1723.

You will have noticed that the total profit you would get from your Lucky 31 bet is fantastic – if all your selections win. Of course, you get perfectly good potential winnings if 3 or 4 selections win. If only 1 or 2 of your selections win, you lose money, but you can limit your losses. For this reason, many bettors and tipsters prefer this type to place a Lucky 31 bet. To get the best results, we recommend that you track your Lucky 31 bets directly through a betting tracker.