What Is a Treble Bet? How It Works

Written By:  Finn Huxley
Last Updated:  Mar 24, 2023

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What is a Treble Bet?

A treble bet is one of the riskier bets you could place, but can also be very profitable – of course, if you have enough luck to win. It’s not a simple task because a treble bet is three bets combined into one.

To be successful with a treble bet, you have to place your wager on three winning selections. These selections must be independent of each other, which means one outcome can’t influence the others. This is why a treble bet is considered a hard wager to win.

Treble Bet Type in Practice

Considering that treble bets require betting three selections, and to win, all three of them have to be successful, this wager has the most sense if you have a specific strategy in mind.

It might make a lot of sense in football betting, where you can estimate the outcomes of the matches with bigger accuracy. It’s not a very profitable bet in different sporting events, for example, horse racing, where the result of a particular race depends on many factors.

What is a treble bet, and how does it work? It’s best illustrated in the treble bet example.

When You Win

Let’s say you want to place your treble bet on various football matches. You place your bets on three teams: Norwich City to win with 16/2 odds, Watford to win with 2/1 odds, and Southampton to win with 4/1 odds.

When betting on a treble bet, your winnings from the first bet keep accumulating to the following selection, which means that, in this case, you end up with 350/1 odds at the end.

If you place the bet with a stake of £10, and all your selections are successful, your winnings will equal £1350. It’s a much bigger win than if you would place separate bets, which works in favour of the treble bet.

When You Lose

Losing in the treble bet is not a rarity. Let’s look at an example in horse racing. Treble bet odds in these disciplines are often high, making it harder to succeed with this specific betting strategy.

If you put your bets on Horse A with 2/1 odds, Horse B with 2/1 odds, and Horse C with 3/1 odds, with the stake of £10, your overall odds will equal 36/1. But if only one horse loses its race, you will lose the whole wager. If you placed individual bets, you could still see some returns on your investments.

A Horse Racing Event Betting on Hore Racing

Treble Betting in Different Sports

We’ve mentioned before that some sports are more suitable for placing a treble bet while others might be more unpredictable so that a winning bet can be treated more like a twist of fate than a result of implemented betting strategy.

The most popular sports for treble bet enthusiasts are football, tennis, horse racing, and greyhound racing. There are plenty of other options when it comes to betting on sports, and our How to Bet on Sports Guide will help you there.


Sports betting in the football market is particularly appealing for many punters. There are a lot of potential winnings and interesting strategies that can be implemented with much success. And more risky wagers, like treble bets, often make more sense, for example, in the champions league.

This is primarily because sports like football and tennis are relatively popular, so many punters have some information about the teams and players, even as beginners in betting. This opens the door for many people to place their bets based on knowledge and not only pure luck.

There are a lot of options for betting on football, and our Best Football Betting Apps guide is a good place to start.

Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing

Unlike previously mentioned disciplines, there is a smaller chance of building some bulletproof strategy in horse racing. Unsurprisingly factors that are hard to predict with much certainty often decide the success of a selection.

For this reason, a treble bet in horse racing and greyhound racing is considered a risky wager. You should always remember to bet responsibly and avoid more difficult wagers, especially if you’re at the beginning of your betting journey.

How To Calculate Winnings in the Treble Bet

Before we place treble bets, it’s good to estimate how big of a return we can expect. For this purpose, we can use a treble bet calculator. Many calculators are available online and also via betting apps.

If you’re placing your bets online, often there is no need to calculate your odds and winnings – all the essential information will be displayed on your bet slip.

As we said earlier, your odds from each bet are accumulated in the third and final bet. This is important to have in mind. The odds in every bet are calculated like this: assuming you place your bet with 2.0 odds with a stake of £10, your winnings from this bet will amount to £20.

These winnings will then be carried into the second and then the third bet. In one bet, we have combined odds, and if all selections win – combined winnings.

How to Place a Treble Bet?

You can place your wager with your trusted bookmaker, but betting apps are increasingly popular nowadays. It’s an easy way to manage your bets and safely transfer money.

The first step in placing the treble bet would be to choose your selections. It is crucial to consciously make that choice because treble bets come with high rewards and risks. After selecting all bets, you will see all the information about the odds and potential winnings on your bet slip.

The last thing to do is choose the type of wager you want to place your money on. For this, you should tick the box with a treble or treble bet.

Why Is It Beneficial To Use Betting Apps?

There are many good reasons to use betting apps when placing your wagers. The most significant one is convenience. You can browse different bets, access many interesting charts, watch matches online, and safely manage your money.

Many bookmakers prepared interesting bonuses for new customers signing up online and through apps. You can benefit from interesting discounts or offers, like free bets, and the ability to place multiple bets, like a treble or double bet.

It’s easy, fast and convenient. In the case of the treble bet, you can place the entire bet at once, even on separate events (it doesn’t have to be one sporting event or even one sport discipline).

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Summing up Treble Bets

The treble bet is one of the most interesting bet types, allowing the punters to enjoy more high-risk wagers and significant winnings. Choosing your selections carefully in the treble bet is crucial because even if one bet loses, the whole wager is unsuccessful.

A multiple bet, like a treble bet, should be placed by punters with more experience in sports betting. The choice of a sports discipline is also meaningful. It might be easier (and safer) to place your bet in the premier league than in horse racing. You can also reduce the risk by removing one of the multiple bets, making it a double bet.

To start your adventure with sports betting, find and download the sports betting app allowing you to place all your bets directly from your phone. Find the best app for you and start your fun with betting right now!