What Is Draw No Bet?

Written By:  Pam Barnes
Last Updated:  Dec 9, 2021

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Draw No Bet is a popular wagering option known for being low-risk and having the potential of being quite generous. It’s also fairly straightforward and easy to understand, which is why so many bettors decide to use it in hopes of winning big. If you’re new to the Draw No Bet market, don’t worry. We’ll explain everything there is to know about the Draw No Bet method, teach you how to calculate Draw No Bet odds, stakes, and profit, and recommend some of the best bookmakers. If you want to learn more, keep on reading.

Draw No Bet Explained

Draw No Bet, also known as the Asian handicap method, puts a twist to the traditional three-way wager by removing the draw bet option. Typically, you see markets for the win, lose, and draw. When it comes to the Draw No Bet strategy, you can no longer bet on a draw. Instead, your options are either a home win or an away win. If the game ends with a draw, your stake is returned.

This is useful to many football fans who want to test their luck and bet on their favourite teams. As the records show, during the last five Premier League seasons over 25% of games ended in a draw. In other cases, you’d lose the entire amount you decided to bet. In the case of Draw No Bet, your stake is protected, and this strategy provides a great way to boost your wagering profits.

How to Calculate Draw No Bet Odds

Many bookies offer their own odds for the Draw No Bet market. If you decide to accept them, all the calculations have been done for you. However, you can calculate your own odds with the 1X2 odds formula, where:

  • 1 means home win
  • 2 means away win
  • X means draw

The full formula looks like this:

(1-1/1X2 draw odd)*home or away odds

Let’s put it to the test and calculate the odds for a game between team A (home team) and team B (away team), where the odds are:

Home win: 1.71

Away win: 5.7

Draw: 4.8

As such, home win Draw No Bet odds would be calculated like this:

(1-(1/1X2 draw odd)*1.71

1-1/4.8*1.71= 1-0.20*1.71=0.80*1.71= 1.37

How to Calculate Draw No Bet Stakes

You need to know how to establish Draw No Bet stakes to calculate how much money you should use as a stake on each outcome. Here, the formula is even more straightforward – you simply need to divide the total stake by draw odds.

As such, with the formula total stake/draw odds, let’s assume that you want to spend £300. Now, this would be calculated from our example as:

Draw stake: 300/4.8= 62.5

Home win: total stake-draw stake

Home stake= 300-62.5= 237.5

Away stake= 300-62.5= 237.5

How to Calculate Draw No Bet Profit

You’re probably most interested in calculating your profit from the Draw No Bet market. Here’s how you can do that:

Home win: (home stake*(home odds -1)- draw stake)

Based on our previous examples, you’ll have: £237.5*1.71-1-62.5= £106.1

Draw win: Draw stake* (draw odds-1)-home stake

Here, the result will be: £62.5*4.8-1-237.5=£0

There are three possible outcomes to the match between team A and team B:

  1. If team A (the home team) wins, you’ll profit £106.1,
  2. If there is a draw, you win £0 and your stake (£237.5) is returned to you,
  3. If team B (the away team) wins, you lose the entire £300.

Draw No Bet vs. Double Chance Bet

The alternative to Draw No Bet is Double Chance Bet. Here, you can bet on two outcomes: one team winning and the game ending with a draw.

Let’s recap possible outcomes of the Asian handicap method:

  • Draw No Bet on the Home team: Your wager comes through if the home team wins. You get back your stake if the match ends with a draw.
  • Draw No Bet on the Away team: Your wager comes through if the visiting side wins. You get back your stake if the match ends with a draw.

And this is how the Double Chance bet works:

  • Home or Draw (1X): Your wager comes through if the home team wins or the game ends in a draw.
  • Home or Away (12): Your wager comes through if either the home or away team wins.
  • Draw or Away (X2): Your wager comes through in case the visiting team wins or it is a draw.

It’s worth noting that the Double Chance bet improves your chances of winning. However, the odds in the Draw No Bet betting option are better.

Advantages of Draw No Bet

Betting in the Draw No Bet market has a number of advantages. Here’s why the Draw No Bet option is so popular among punters:

Protects Your Stake

Probably the main advantage of the Asian handicap method is that it protects your stake in the case of a draw. Other wagering options are not so lenient – if you happen to place a losing bet, you end up losing your money as well. However, the Draw No Bet strategy ensures that your stake will be returned if your match finishes in a draw. That’s what makes this method so low-risk. It’s an additional layer of security, especially when you compare it with the usual three-way market strategies.

Offers a Great Deal of Flexibility

Draw No Bet might not be the best option in the case of games with an obvious favourite. However, it’s a great strategy in situations when the result of the game is uncertain and it can go either way. If you want to bet on a game with two evenly-matched teams, opt for the Draw No Bet market, as it will enhance the value.

Easy to Calculate

You had a chance to get to know the formulas involved in calculating Draw No Bet odds, stakes, and profit. You can probably agree that they’re not too complicated, and so do many other punters who swear by the Draw No Bet method. Also, remember that you don’t have to do it on your own. You can look for Draw No Bet odds calculators online or pick a bookmaker that offers the best odds and is reliable. The betting market is highly competitive, so you’ll have plenty of bookies to choose from!

Best Bookmaker With Great Draw No Bet Options

If you decide to try your luck in the Draw No Bet market, make sure you pick the best bookmaker there is. As you probably know, the sports betting industry is very competitive, so you have a large number of providers to choose from. Here’s a list of our top 3 bookmakers with the best Draw No Bet options:

William Hill

William Hill is one of the UK’s best bookmakers. They have a stellar reputation and offer fair odds, which is why so many punters choose to place their bets through them. While they’re not the most competitive company in the sports betting market, you can be sure that they’re safe, dependable, and reliable.


Coral is another great bookmaker in the UK that operates successfully both in real-life betting shops and online, which is extremely convenient. It offers plenty of fair odds and wagering options, with Draw No Bet being the main feature of their football betting markets. Make sure to try them out if you’re a football fan and check out their remaining offers – you’ll have plenty of sporting events to choose from.


Bwin is a relatively new contender, with more and more punters signing up as we speak. They offer a wide range of sports betting markets, allowing you to bet on many sports events all over the world. They’re becoming increasingly popular among bettors, so if you want to place a Draw No Bet wager, give them a chance.


Is Draw No Bet worth it?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. Whenever you’re betting on sports or other activities, you’re free to use as many different wagering options as you want. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and there are certain situations when one option would be better than any other method. As such, you need to figure out your needs and preferences.

Just like any other wagering strategy, Draw No Bet has some drawbacks, but its advantages are what convinces people to use this option. It’s worth it in certain situations, especially in football games, so give it a try! Remember that it’s a great strategy for those who want to play it safe. If you’re a risk-averse punter, give it a go.

What’s the best Draw No Bet market?

The Draw No Bet method can’t be applied to every sports event. It removes the draw option from betting on a particular sporting event, so it’s applicable to disciplines that frequently end in a stalemate. As such, you’ll never see the Asian handicap method being used in sports like horse racing, Formula 1, or tennis.

That being said, football is probably the best sport to use the Draw No Bet option. There are plenty of high-profile events happening throughout the year, such as the Premier League or Champions League. What’s more, many football matches end up in a draw. As such, using this betting option would be a smart move.

When is the best time to use Draw No Bet?

You know that the Draw No Bet method is especially recommended for football games. If you want to try some Draw No Bet betting, do it in these two situations:

  1. When you think the game is highly likely to end in a draw. Draw No Bet protects your stake and ensures that you neither win nor lose your bet. On the other hand, if you were to go for the Full Time Result, you would lose both your bet and your stake in the event of a loss or a draw.
  2. When you want to back an underdog. One team may be a clear favourite. However, if you watch many games and are up to date with the results, you may notice that the other team is actually doing extremely well. This translates to the other team having higher odds than the favourite team, which may prompt you to back an underdog.

What’s the best Draw No Bet strategy?

Since you’re betting on live events, you can’t always be 100% sure that your strategy will help you win big. However, you can increase your odds by backing a team with a better winning record. Betting favourites against the underdogs means a higher probability of winning because it’s more statistically probable that the favourites will win – and, as a result, you’ll be able to reap the rewards.

Is Draw No Bet better than the Double Chance bet?

As we explained earlier, the Double Chance bet lets you bet on two outcomes – one team winning and a game ending in a draw. As such, it may appear that the Double Chance bet is better – and, in fact, many beginner punters opt for this strategy. However, Draw No Bet odds are significantly higher than Double Chance odds, which is something you should definitely take into consideration.

Simply put, Draw No Bet protects your stake when the game ends in a draw – you neither win nor lose your bet. On the other hand, the purpose of a Double Chance bet is to make you win, even in the event of a draw. As such, it’s impossible to determine with 100% certainty which bet is better. Given all the information, you should decide which one you prefer.

If the game ends with equal scores, do I lose the bet?

If the game ends up with a stalemate, your stake is returned. This means you neither win nor lose your bet.