Half-Time Full-Time Bet: What it Is, How It Works + Examples

Written By:  Finn Huxley

Half-time full-time bets (or HT FT bets), in which you predict the result of a football match at the end of the first 45 minutes and when it’s over, have become quite prevalent among sports fans.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this type of bet, its odds, and the codes, and give you a few examples so you can strategise for better results. So, let’s get started!

Half-Time Full-Time Betting Explained

Half-time full-time betting is quite popular in certain sports, particularly football. This type of bet is all about predicting the outcome of both half-time and full-time periods of a match. In other words, you must select a team that will lead at halftime and one (not necessarily the same) that will win the match at the end of regulation time.

To simplify things, a half-time full-time bet will require you to:

  • Pick the winner for the first half of the match
  • Pick the winner for the match as a whole (NOT the second half only!)

If both these results coincide with your choice, you win the bet! You will also need to pick one of the following three results for each sub-bet:

  • Away team win
  • Home team win
  • Draw

Do Half-Time Full-Time Bets Have Better Odds?

The odds and payouts will depend on the specific bookmaker and the teams. However, as a general rule, half-time full-time bets offer higher odds when you compare them to traditional match outcome betting because you are comparing two different outcomes (you can learn more about odd in our Sports Betting Odds Explained article).

Other factors can play a role, though. Looking at teams, it helps if you can choose based on head-to-head records, current form, and other relevant statistics. So, before you place bets, you should always analyse the teams.

It’s important to note, too, that higher odds also mean there’s a slightly higher risk. Predicting both the halftime and full-time outcomes can be challenging, and the likelihood of winning decreases as the number of required correct predictions increases.

The Half-Time Full-Time Codes

A combination of letters and numbers typically represents the possible outcomes in a half-time full-time bet. The codes are as follows:

  • H: Home team leading at halftime.
  • D: Draw at halftime.
  • A: Away team leading at halftime.
  • H: Home team winning at full-time.
  • D: Draw at full-time.
  • A: Away team winning at full-time.

For example, if you bet on “H-H,” you predict that the home team will lead at halftime and ultimately win the match full-time. But let’s see a few more examples and betting tips for half-time full-time football games.

Half-Time Full-Time Betting Examples

Here are three examples of Half Time Full-Time bets based on real football matches from the UK (remember that the odds and outcomes will depend on the specific circumstances of each match):

Example Match: Manchester United vs Chelsea
Possible Half-Time Full-Time Bets:

  • H-H: Manchester United leading at halftime and winning at full-time.
  • D-H: Draw at halftime, but Manchester United winning at full-time.
  • A-A: Chelsea leading at halftime and winning at full-time.

Example Match: Liverpool vs Arsenal
Possible Half-Time Full-Time Bets:

  • H-D: Liverpool leading at halftime, but the match ending in a draw.
  • D-D: Draw at both halftime and full-time.
  • A-H: Arsenal leading at halftime, but Liverpool winning at full-time.

Example Match: Burnley vs Manchester City
Possible Half-Time Full-Time Bets:

  • H-A: Burnley leading at halftime, but Manchester City winning at full-time.
  • D-A: Draw at halftime, but Manchester City winning at full-time.
  • A-A: Manchester City leading at halftime and winning at full-time.
half time full time bet Odds for Burnley vs Manchester City
Half Time Full Time Betting Odds for Burnley vs Manchester City

Football Betting Market HT FT Betting Tips

There are two things you should always consider if you’re trying a half-time full-time bet. The first is that, although the odds are better for this type of wager, picking two results that will be right will also be twice as hard. The second is that about 55-60% of all football goals are scored in the match’s second half. So, although both times seem at first sight equal, betting on a half-time draw is generally more likely to win than if you bet on either team leading at that point.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

  • Analyse the team formations and statistics: It’s always a good idea to assess the current form of both teams, including their recent performances, results, and goal-scoring ability. Remember to consider factors like their home and away records, head-to-head matchups, and any notable trends or patterns.
  • Consider motivation and importance of the match: The significance of the match for both teams is also a good thing to keep in mind. Teams with higher motivation, like those competing for a title or trying to avoid relegation, could show more determination!
  • Study halftime and full-time trends: Look for patterns and trends in halftime and full-time results for the teams involved. Some may have a tendency to start matches strongly or have a habit of conceding goals late in games.
  • Be cautious with underdogs: While the odds for underdog teams winning both at halftime and full-time can be enticing, remember that they are usually less likely to do well.
  • Consider live betting opportunities: By watching the first half, you can gain valuable insights into the teams’ performances and adjust your betting strategy to them. If you have the option, consider placing half-time full-time bets during live matches.

HT FT bets are a good start if you’re new to betting, particularly if you like football. Check this article if you’re looking for the best football betting apps. All the tools we’ve listed here support half-time full-time bets and are easy to use.