What Is a Super Heinz Bet? Complete Guide on How It Works

Written By:  Will Rosen
Last Updated:  Feb 20, 2023

A Super Heinz bet is a betting system that is based on the law of averages. It requires you to select seven selections in a row, and you will receive a payout if at least two of them win. The Super Heinz bet is much more challenging than simply betting on one team or horse to win, but it also offers much better odds for gamblers who are confident that they can correctly pick all seven winners.

In this article, you will find answers to how to place a Super Heinz bet, calculate it, and its difference from a traditional accumulator bet.

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What Is a Super Heinz Bet?

A Super Heinz bet is an evolved version of the original Heinz bet, a six-fold accumulator that equals 57 bets. The ‘Heinz’ was taken from a famous soup and ketchup manufacturer that once ran an advertisement featuring “57 varieties of pickles.”

A Super Heinz bet is a full cover bet or seven-fold accumulator (a step higher than the original) that is composed of multiple bets, precisely 120. A Super Heinz bet consists of:

  • 21 doubles
  • 35 trebles
  • 35 four-fold accumulators
  • 21 five-fold accumulators 
  • 7 six-fold accumulators 
  • One seven-fold accumulator 

The seven-selections accumulator requires you to place all those bets on seven markets. 

If you place a Super Heinz bet of £1, you will wager a total of £120; for a £2 unit stake, you wager £240; £10 wager costs you £1200 and so on. Since you place numerous bets, every one of them multiplies, making the total stake way too high.

If at least two selections win, you can already receive some profit from your bets. And the total amount of winnings depends on the number of selections landed and their accumulative odds.

Super Heinz betting consists of a very high number of bets. Even though you have some assurance that a minimum of your selections win and you get some return of your stake, you should be living in the sport to know when and who to bet on. Usually, it is experienced bettors that risk and make a seven-selections bet. Therefore, if you are a beginner it would be recommended to gain some experience before trying a Super Heinz.

The reason behind it is that this bet is not very flexible since you have to wager the same amount on all seven selections, which is costly and risky for beginners.

How Does a Super Heinz Bet Work?

A Super Heinz bet is a type of gamble where players must predict whether seven individual events will come true or not in order for them to win their stake back. On the casino app, you need to do good research and predict what seven matches will win. Some of the applications have an installed bet calculator, so you can easily estimate what to expect in the end and which bet is most profitable.

What Is the Difference Between a Super Heinz Bet and a Seven-Fold Accumulator?

Betting with a Super Heinz, you have a chance of yielding significant profits provided that at least two selections win. Although you can also receive big winnings by placing a single seven-fold accumulator bet, all of them have to be won in order to receive profit.

What Is an Each-Way Super Heinz Bet?

In an each-way Super Heinz, the wager consisting of 120 bets is doubled to 240 because the bets are each-way. This kind of bet is for both the winner and the selection to place.

How to Calculate the Winnings of a Super Heinz Bet?

The fastest and easiest way to calculate your total amount of winnings is to use an online Super Heinz calculator. Obviously, you can do it manually as well.

For all the doubles, trebles, four-fold, five-fold, six-fold, and seven-folds, you need to multiply the decimal odds of each selection together and then multiply by your unit stake.

If you have fractional odds, you can follow the example to receive decimals:

  • Divide the first number by the second
  • Add 1 to the result

As an instance, your fractional odd can be 5/1 which is 6 (5/1 + 1) or 9/3 becomes 4 (9/3 + 1).

The most popular sports to try out a Super Heinz bet are football, horse, and greyhound racing. Let’s say you place £1 bets on seven different selections in horse racing, and every horse is priced at 4.00. Here are the estimated winnings for every selection win:

  • 0 selection wins – You receive nothing and lose £120
  • 1 selection wins – You receive nothing and lose £120
  • 2 selection wins – You receive £16 and lose £104
  • 3 selection wins – You receive £112 and lose £8
  • 4 selection wins – You receive £608
  • 5 selection wins – You receive £3,104
  • 6 selection wins – You receive £15,600
  • 7 selection wins – You receive £78,096

With a bit of luck and thought-through selection, you can get massive winnings.

Our Recommended Sports Betting Apps

Winning all seven matches is challenging, so having some kind of security is always helpful, especially if it’s your first time making such a big bet. We have collected a list of reputable sports betting apps with great weekly and monthly offers for newcomers and existing players. Here is the list of our recommended sports betting apps to assist you in gaining the most profit:

  • William Hill
  • Sportingbet
  • Bwin Sports
  • Sky Sports
  • Betvictor


What is an accumulator bet?

An accumulator bet is a type of sports bet that allows the player to combine many different wagers into one single wager in order to maximize their potential winnings. With this, you can win a lot of money if all of your bets win. A common form of an accumulator is the three-fold (although it can be even up to 14), in which three different outcomes must occur for the player to win. In this example, the player would have to correctly predict which team will win in each game in order to be entitled to any payout from their accumulator bet.

What are the double and treble bets?

A double bet is when you successfully predict and bet on two selections, and it is a multiple bet where two selections must win in order to receive a profit. This way, the payoff is greater than placing two single bets.

A treble bet is the same; you need to win three selections in order to receive a profit. It is also a multiple bet where the odds are calculated differently from traditional. We have an ultimate treble bet guide if you want to know more.


A Super Heinz bet is a seven-fold accumulator bet, consisting of 120 bets in total. Although it has a higher stake, compared to a traditional accumulator, the return of money is more plausible. It is also an exciting way of betting for expert bettors who are looking for a thrilling experience.

Regardless of what you choose to play next, always remember to bet responsibly and never spend more than you can afford. Gambling is a means of entertainment and a way of spending leisure time pleasantly.